William Franklin
Portrayed By Hugh Jackman
Gender Male
Date of Birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Aliases Will, Franklin, Avinash
Place of Birth Unknown
Occupation Gang Leader
Known Relatives None
Significant Other Lady Teagan Fitzgerald
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Not much is known about William before the calvary came for him. It's said that he killed his own parents and left the house at fifteen. Another story relates the young man riding with the likes of the James-Younger gang. One thing is certain, however. The Franklin Gang was one of the most terrible plagues this country had ever known. Countless military bases, banks, store fronts, and homes were taken by the massive group of men and women. Only one thing in those early robberies was commonplace. No one was left alive. No witnesses. And absolutely everything of value was stripped.

Seeing the Franklin Gang's assaults on federal targets as a figurative act of war, President Grant took action. Two entire calvary brigades were sent to bring the gang to justice. They opened fire without a single shout of warning. The entire campsite was strewn with gatling fire, killing and maiming anything that moved. William took six bullets to the chest and two to the leg, instantly losing conciousness and quickly bleeding out on the forest floor.

Before the Calvary had a chance to search through the wounded, they were attacked. A Cherokee hunting party was just enough to drive them back…Though only long enough to check for survivors and get them transport back to the tribe. White men. The natives had little use for them. Though one who was damaged as much as Franklin and refused to take the great journey? The chief believed there might be something to the man.

It took nearly two years to nurse Will back to full health. Two years of herbs, spices, and pure, unadulterated prayer. But he did return. He 'Rose from the ashes of his former self.' The chief said. 'To take his place among the stars as a spirit warrior.'


  • "Let's see who's worth the bounty, hm?"
  • "I can't tell if you're ugly or if you just make a habit of talking out your ass…"


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