Thomas Gatlin
Thomas Gatlin
Portrayed By Toby Keith
Gender Male
Date of Birth March 25th, 1857
Age 24
Aliases Tom
Place of Birth Wolf's Point, Montana, USA
Occupation Ranch Hand
Known Relatives
Significant Other none


"Son,you live under a tough shadow, and this bounty hunting ain't gonna get you no where. Stay here and you'll be sheriff in a few years, ain't nothin' wrong with being a deputy. "Thomas studies the man before him, as the star laid in his hand before he tossed it to the desk. "Ain't no shame tryin' either " Thomas replies.."And ain't nothin' here now that Becky's dead. "

Thomas was born at Wolf's point, Montana, near. Born to a father who was a sheriff and a mother who did her best to keep her family together. He was the youngest of three children.

When he was 15 years of age, he became a Wolf's point Deputy where he served with a good name.

His beloved Becky, a young gal that had waves of honey blonde and green eyes, they were due to wed. She died of Influenza two weeks before they were to become man and wife. Not really a secret but he doesn't talk much about it. A lovely young woman aspiring to be a teacher, daughter of a cattle rancher. He was with her the day she died in his arms, a day that will forever be imprinted in his life and memories though eventually he will let go and move on.

Hired on at the Circle C & Diamond D Ranch - Working with Horses. Which he seems to have a good strong hold with. Not a big drinker , though he will have one once in awhile. Perfers the name Thomas or even called Gatlin , over the nickname Tom but he wont' let the air out of you if you do happen to slip up and call him Tom.


  • Character's time line.
  • 1857 Thomas Gatlin was born.
  • 1869 Met Becky
  • 1872 Became Deputy for Wolf's Point Sheriff Office
  • 1874 Became Engaged to Becky
  • 1875 January 15th, Becky Died of Influenza.
  • 1875 Janary 31st, Laid down the star and became a bounty Hunter.
  • 1875-81 Continued bounty hunting bringing in 10 bounties , 6 dead, 4 alive.
  • 1881 Arrives in Cimarron, New Mexico
  • 1881 Hired on by the Circle C & Diamond D Ranch as Ranch hand to work with Horses.


Done bout let the air out of ya boy

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  • Interesting tid-bits about you.

*Lost a future wife

  • Did enjoy the life of a lawman.
  • Enjoys working with horses.


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