The Newspaper of Cimarron

May, 1881

Negress Scheduled to Hang in Seven Days
Miss Chiane Thompson is incarcerated in the Cimarron Jail after Judge Roy Bean sentenced her to hang for the alleged murder of a lawman up in the northern territories. Judge Bean instructed those with whom she works, one Moses St. Cloud to seek any who may have knowledge of the actual occurrence of this crime to come forth in order to hopefully save this young woman.

The sentiment within the court was one of reserve and remorse as the judgment was determined. This reporter will continue to follow the story.

April, 1881

S. Trang
Late on the night of April 13th one of our respected and successful ranchers was accosted by an unknown assailant. Tom Jenkins, renown for his strong cattle stock, was exiting the Saloon after a few rounds of cards and some drinks for a couple of his crew who had worked hard that day. Although he says they drank very little, he also goes on to say he was very successful at the poker table and when they were ready to leave he had acquired a tidy some of money. Once out in the street, they were quickly approached by a gun wielding bandit. This shadowy figure must have been watching Mr. Jenkins at the poker table because the money was the first thing he asked for. Mr. Jenkins then states that he began to grapple with the criminal and forced him to drop his gun. However the rogue threw sand in Mr. Jenkins face then beat the man quite severely about the face and head.

This still unknown man then retrieved his gun and while holding Mr. Jenkins two ranch hands off with it, stole the poker winnings from a dazed Mr. Jenkins pocket. The sum is reported to be $23 dollars. He then backed away towards lower Main Street and disappeared. “It was a cowardly act and I hope he stretches When Sheriff Roland catches him.” Mr. Jenkins is reported saying.

It is this reporters hope that our noble Sheriff will get to the bottom of this as soon as possible. We cannot tolerate this kind of riff raff trying to take control of our little town.

This reporter also promises to follow up on this story to keep the good people of Cimarron informed.

Issues of March, 1881
Black Jack, Paladin of the Plains - A Serial
by DK Roberts


A wise man once said that the winners write history. There is no more convincing evidence than the tales that follows. The mark a man leaves on the world isn’t usually understood or even decided until he has long passed from its path. Hero, or crook, in this world, is sometimes different sides of the same coin. If that coin is flipped up in the air, spinning around, and around, it has an equal chance to land on heads, as it is to land on tails. So too does one’s impression of a man’s character. Too often snap decisions are made in a moment of bad timing. A man may lead his whole life showing his true face to the masses, only to have fate show him differently as the coin turns up tails. It is too great a responsibility for one man to decide the mark of another, and brand him as good or evil. Nay, I will leave it to you gentle readers to keep your own council, and decide for yourself if the stories, and anecdotes that follow are the tracks of one that followed the straight and narrow road of righteousness, or trod the twisted lane of treachery and selfishness. I put it to you dear reader that the road we all follow is neither straight nor twisted, but the gentle curving path that is our own lives. Beyond that, these stories I’ve written down have no real purpose other than to entertain. If these written words have no other effect than to fill up a few fleeting moments of your time, and if that time has been spent pleasantly enough in your opinion, then I will consider their appointing to paper a grand success.

Chapter One - Head West Young Man
of Black Jack, Paladin of the Plains - A Serial
by DK Roberts

These United States of ours have always, even from their discovery, been a melting pot of cultures, and diversity. It should be no surprise that, with the expansion of the population westward things get stirred as fast as Mississippi river water churned up during a riverboat race. And as fate would have it, that is where our story begins. Stepping off just such a boat, and walking the scant mile or so to the little Missouri town of Greenhaven is the focus of our tales a one Jack McGuffey. Before we get to the faster moving parts of Jack’s adventure a little background would be in order. Jack was a fair looking lad, all of sixteen winters old. Now depending on where you travel that is considered man, while back east in that small town near the tobacco fields he’s considered not much more than a boy. At any rate Jack wasn’t much more than six feet tall. His hair was the color of walnut wood. His green eyes were bright with interest as he walked along with ladies wearing the finest back east fashions, and boatmen covered to their hips in mud from the landing. Life for him had been uneventful for the most part. Growing up in a small town most folks knew his family to be honest folk, hard workers. His father’s parents still owned farmland nearby that town, and while that family wasn’t rich by any day’s standards, Jack never wanted for anything that mattered. Jack attended school in the town, while his father worked the blacksmith trade, and his mother kept up the family home. All seemed idyllic, until the day his father lost his life, a wagon his was working on collapsed, and broke the poor man’s back. He held on for several days, but it was of no use. Several months after his death, his mother still being of child bearing age, and owning a now vacant business, had several suitors. She agreed to marry one of them, too soon for Jack it seems. He, and the suitor managed to have more than a few harsh words between them. Jack was stuck somewhere between rage, and sorrow the day his mother broke the news of the impending wedding. After confiding with his grandparents, he seemed to be in a better frame of mind. They had given the young man a capital ideal. His father’s brother, his uncle was a doctor in Missouri, and had no children of his own. This was a chance for Jack to travel a bit, see some of the world, and learn something besides. He put the idea to his mother. She agreed after some reluctance. He was still her boy after all. Between his Grandparents, and his mother he was given enough money that he wasn’t going to have to walk to Missouri.

And after a few weeks of traveling, he was back where we will leave him, walking toward Greenhaven, excited, wondering, with the entire world before him.

Army to Expand
by DK Roberts

News from Washington DC this week states that the US Cavalry is expected to expand its duties, and re-occupy the abandoned Post Cimarron outside our fair town. Reports state that government officials in Washington are concerned about the growing number of incidents involving bandits, and renegade apache Indians along the Santa Fe Trail. Unofficial word has it a small contingent of cavalry has already been dispatched, and is making their way here. These men have orders to make the post ready to occupy by a larger force due sometime in the future

Now Hiring Able Bodied Men

Looking for top hands to work at local ranch. Candidates should have excellent work ethic, and character. Experience with livestock, and horses a plus. Outside work in all weather required. Room and Board provided. Pay commiserate with experience. Contact Sheriff Joe Roland at Cimarron Jail.

House Keeper / Grounds Keeper Wanted

Only considering married couples at this time. Duties include: Cleaning, Maintaining Grounds, Shopping. Room, and board provided in a very fine house. Persons applying for these positions should be clean, well mannered, and soft spoken. Persons showing promise will be trained. Interested Parties should contact Lady Fitzgerald at the Epona Ranch, and set up an appointment for interview.

Just Arrived!!

The General Store has sent word that it received a shipment of very fine cotton muslin on the last train. There are several colorful patterns available so be sure to stop by Upper Second St. to peruse this fine cloth.

The Famous Lily Langtree!

The Saguaro Rose is Proud to present for one week only the Musical Talents of Miss Lily Langtree. Fresh from her European tour, Miss Langtree will entertain the citizens of our fair city with her remarkable voice. Singing old favorites and new songs that have delighted audiences world wide, she will hold you enthralled each evening.

The Saquaro Rose is a place to come and relax. To enjoy the flavor of locally brewed Beer and the nip of famous brands of other stronger repasts. Come enjoy the Rose all are welcome.

Help Wanted

The Saquaro Rose is hiring for all positions, Bartenders, Waitresses, and Bouncers. Good pay in a good working environment. Come check us out and talk to Mattie Dawson, Proprietor. Also needed are Hostesses who can charge by the hour and own room provided.

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