The Chase Begins


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* The Professor, Men from the Scarlet Mercs, Bartender, Red, Clancy

Summary: Moses and his men go in search of a witness

Date: May 11, 1881

The Chase Begins

Montana Territory

It had been 2 days hard ride to the small town on the Colorado Border and the town affectionately known as "Bill's place." It wasn't much. Just a hole in the wall bar / trading post with a few houses and an abandoned church with a crazy preacher. It was the sort of place that people referred when referring to the Outlaw trail. It had been a stroke of luck, having found that camp the first night, An old drifter had seen Red and his gang there Now the men of the Rafter M were approaching the edge of town. Guns holstered, but ready for an Easy pull. A large Coyote crossed Dog padded along beside Aries. Mister Dog, as Moses called him, watched the street with wary attention, though not a soul was in sight.

At the edge of town, The 4 men reined in and sat looking at the town. It was Fitzy that spoke first. "I'll take south end?" Moses nodded quietly and looked at Samson. "You be gettin No'thuh an' be watchin' out. Monty. You'se wit' me." The Gunfighter known as The Professor smiled and loosened a pair of twin .45's in their holsters. Both guns slung low, butts forward "I'll Take your lead Moses. But do remember, we want him alive."

Pausing for a moment, Moses looks at the Professor and grunts. "Him we do. Dem dat comes to his defence be fair game. Be wantin' be gettin' back t'home Pow'rful bad. Not botherin' wit' playin' nice."

Pausing for another moment, Moses finally looks down at the dog and smiles. "Let's go Mistuh Dawg." As Moses nudged the big black forward, the other split off to their assigned tasks. Tying his horse to the rail outside the bar, Moses waited 2 minutes, long enough to check his cinches and pat the dog on the head before slipping an axe handle from the middle of his bedroll and stepping up to the doors.

Inside the Saloon was like most you would see across the frontier. a large main room on the first floor with a Balcony skirting the room leading to rooms on the second floor. Behind the bar was a door to a store room, and a third door at the back led to the alley. The room had gone quiet the instant Moses and the big dog stepped into the room. Every eye in the place turned on him, and more than one hand disappeared beneath the table.

From behind the bar, The tender spat on the floor and growled. "Don't serve injuns or Niggers."

Still looking around the room, Moses growled slightly as he spoke. "Ain't bein' here fo' no Service." Finally seeing Red and two other men Chiane had described, He adds. "I be here fo' dem. Dey's gettin' der choice here an now in front of de whole room. Dey be coming on dey's own ta be facin Mistuh Judge Roy Bean fo' dey's crimes. Or dey's be my way. Any man what try be stoppin' me in dis, he be daid by muh hand quick."

The Bartender, his sense of charity towards the mentally ill suddenly getting the better of him, spoke quietly. "Mister? Do you know you're outnumbered 10 to one?" Moses shrugged slightly and shook his head. "Nossuh. didn' be countin' too close." Again the Bartender spoke quietly. "Well, you are. and each of them has a gun. These are bad men Mister."

Again, Moses shook his head. "Gots me a job be doin, Mistuh. Dere be a lady gettin' ready t'swing on 'count of what dese here men be doin."

The change in attitude was visible in the room as eyes hardened and knuckles whitened. Finally a man in the back Corner spoke up. "This true Red?"

Red, hand on his gun and already standing slowly spoke through a sneer. "Just some Nigger whore. Don't mean much Clancy."

The man at the back, Clancy Gave a slight grunt and leaned back in his seat, hand clear of his gun. "Well lads, I'm clear of it. seems to me this is an issue between this here big feller, Red, an his boys. An' I reckon the rest of you should figure the same. Because that man at the back of the room there, He's Lightning fast with those guns he's got on his hips, and if he don't shoot you, I will."

The Professor had slipped in the back door by this point and stood against the door jamb, chewing on a splinter of wood, his left hand resting lightly on the butt of his left gun. He didn't sy a word, just offered the room a slight smile.

One by one, the men at the tables stood slowly and moved to the bar, leaving the main room clear between Moses and the 3 men. A look of panic crossing the faces of the men at Red's table as they stood to Join Red.

Moving towards the men, step by step, Moses growled. "You boys comin' easy? Or is you comin' de way I be wantin'?" There was a moment of hesitation before Red spat on the ground and growled. "I ain't swingin' just 'cause you say so Boy."

Feinting with a left, Red came in with a smashing right that would have dropped most men. Red was a scrapper, used to frontier fighting. He had cut his teeth in mining camps and saloons with hard men, but with Moses, he was outmatched. Moses refused to fall for the feint and sidestepped the right. slamming a left hand like a knot from an Oak tree to the man's Kidney. An overhand right caught him Square between the eyes, knocking Red sprawling. To Moses' surprise though, The man came to his feet again, knife in hand and drove the weapon to the hilt in Moses' stomach. The look of Triumph in Red's eyes quickly turned to one of panic as Moses failed to fall to the ground. Letting out a bellow like a wounded Buffalo, Moses grabbed the larger man by the collar with both hands and slammed Red in the face with his forehead twice. Smashing the man's face to a pulp and knocking him unconscious.

Still holding the loose form of Red in his right hand, Moses wheeled on the other 2 just as the report of a gun filled the small saloon. One of Red's Companions stood with a .45 trained on Moses, a surprised look on his face for a moment before he toppled to the ground, a hole in his forehead. The third raised his hands in the air slowly and shook his head as he spoke. "Told him it was a bad idea killin' that man. You win Big man." As the Professor stepped in to take custody of the last man, Moses looked around. Clancy, still sitting in the corner nodded without a word. A Colt peacemaker sat on the table in front of him, Barrel still smoking. After a moment,Clancy spoke up. "You've been stuck. Gonna want to get that looked at."

Looking down at the knife, Moses frowned and shooks his head. "Jes' bein' a jack knife. ain't got no time be wastin'." Turning towards the door, Red still hanging loosely from his collar, Moses slipped a Silver dollar from his pocket and tossed it on the bar. "Be a might sorry fo' wreckin you'se boy's good time. round on me." With that, he slips out the door. 2 minutes later, He and the Professor were mounted, Red and the other prisoner sat back to back on Red's horse, no saddle, feet hobbled below the horse and hands tied behind their backs, wrists tied to each other. Samson and Fitzy rode from opposite ends of town and met up in front of the saloon.

Taking a moment to check their cinches, Fitzy finally spoke quietly. "Gonna be close gettin' back to Cimarron on time if we make camp." Moses Nodded quietly but said nothing. After a moment Fitzy spoke again. "Didn't think we'd be making camp. Gonna be a hard ride with you bleeding like that Sarge."

Again Moses said nothing as he mounted his large Andalusian. Looking down at the animal, Moses patted him on the neck and reached forward to scratch the animal between the ears. he could see the animal was half tired already.

Reaching Behind his ear, Fitzy removed a hand rolled cigarette and a match. lighting it, he handed it to Moses, the large black man looking exhausted and old. Moses took the cigarette without a word, offering a grateful nod.

Looking around at the town, The professor smiled and looked back at his friends. "Well then my friends. Once more into the Breach?" There was a light smile and something akin to a giddyness to him that made the other men smile Before Fitzy clapped him on the shoulder and grinned. "To the gates of Hell and through, side by side you back shootin' Bastard. Come on, we got a cook to get out of jail."


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