Teagan And The Foreman

Players: Teagan, Rolf

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* Random Drunk

Summary: Teagan makes certain her foreman doesn't end up visiting Sheriff Roland later that night.

Date: April 3, 1881

Teagan and the Foreman

Main Street, Cimarron

Standing outside of the Rose, Rolf is talking with a man that could just as well be a midget when in comparison to the hugely built Norwegian. "Lady Teagan" he repeats in his heavy accent, the drunk shakes his head. "No, I am not!" Rolf growls ferally at this and throws up a hand in disgust

Teagan rides down Main on her horse and seeing her foreman, pulls the bit tightly to rein in Lilith, "Rolf?" Her voice still retains that English air and as she slips from her mount, her steps bring her nearer to the man who holds her ranch hands in check, "Is there a problem?" Aquamarine eyes move from the smaller man to the one in her employ.

Rolf points to the drunk and looks back to Teagan. "He asked who I worked for and what I did and he keeps doing… that" Rolf looks about ready to crush the drunk's face in when the drunk just decides to wander off down the street and Rolf is left looking foolishly mad, that 'natural' smirk at the left side of his mouth

Teagan's eyes move in the same path as the inebriated man and she simply shakes her head, letting loose the scent of her toiletries from this morning which still cling to her skin and hair. A gentle hand lifts to rest on the large arm of her foreman, "I appreciate that you were truly the bigger man this time, Rolf and not beat him to a bloody stump." She looks at the broach watch on her shoulder and queries, "What brings you out at such a late hour?"

"I cracked the stock of my shotgun when it fell out of my scabbard and had to have it fixed, though they couldn't fix it and I ended up buying a whole different gun in the long run" Rolf offers that grin of his that he doesn't even have to move a muscle to do thanks to the disfigured scarring on his face. "Took them some time dicking the dog"

Teagan's brow furrows at this new colloquialism, "Dicking…the dog? How is it you come up with the most unusual terms that I have never heard of, Mister Bruun? Is there something you need? Shall I speak to the gunsmith in the off-chance he has yet to finish…what was it? Dicking the dog?" Her own lips purse in amusement as she looks up at him from her vantage, hitting him just at chest level, her hands placed firmly on her hips.

Rolf points to the shotgun he has leaning against a hitching post.

"Hell that one has fancy etching, I will keep it" Rolf just shrugs as she questions his phrase. "You grow up on the streets, you hear some strange stuff" Or maybe he's some sort of other knowledge that comes with that phrase, whatever it is, Rolf just shrugs, looking at her as she has those hands on her fine hips. "Should I have been back a while ago?"

Teagan shakes her head and smiles softly, "No, Mister Bruun. You know that I give you all Saturday and most of Sunday for your own entertainment. Come and go as you please. Just don't bloody the townsfolk before they really need it, hm?"

Rolf laughs a bit of a booming laugh as she says this. "I don't get in trouble!" Rolf crosses his tree trunks of arms over his chest as he looks down at Teagan. "Out for a moonlight ride are you?"

You say, "Dinner at the hotel. Now I'm on my way back and happened to see your rather impressive height from High Main. Hoping not to have to bail one of my men out of jail and look! My wish has been granted, hm?" She turns from him, walking towards her horse, speaking over her shoulder at him, "Just do not get angry tonight, Rolf. I truly do not believe the Sheriff has the stamina for you this evening."

"No one has the stamina for me, not even the ladies at the brothel" Rolf grumbles and turns to look for his horse, his fair skin slightly flushing in new found anger

You say, "Then we shall have to pay Lydia to find someone for you, will we not? One whom can take your stamina?" Her hands grip the saddle pommel firmly to lift herself gracefully on to Lilith, "We'll find the right woman for you yet."

Teagan throws her leg over Lilith.

"Ah hell, I don't need a woman, your the only woman in my life, Lady… and thats well enough" Rolf rumbles with laughter and decides he will just let Teagan ride off if she plans on it before he goes in search of his stolen horse.


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