Siobhan Moira Creighton [née McHannrahan]
Portrayed By "Dekilah"
Gender Female
Date of Birth August 11, 1858
Age 23
Aliases The Widow Creighton
Place of Birth New York, NY, USA
Occupation Socialite and Widow
Known Relatives Annie (Mother), Michael (Father), brothers Patrick, Jonathan, and Robert
Partner or Spouse Winthorpe A. Creighton [Deceased]
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  • To paraphrase The Bard: "Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust within them." Born minutes after her mother took her first footsteps on American soil; in less than a quarter of a century Siobhan Creighton would end up as one of the richest women in the New Mexico Territory.

Parents Michael and Annie were immigrant workers still trying to recover from the devastation of the Great Hunger, and when a cousin who had left early in the famine offered floor space in his one-room hovel they took their chance and made the crossing, despite Annie's gravid state. She went into labor in sight of land, and her daughter was born on Ellis Island, the first of their many children to be born as American citizens.

Born Siobhan Moira McHannrahan, Siobhan was the eldest of what would eventually be eleven children, though only four would survive to see their tenth birthdays. Cholera claimed five of the seven, while pneumonia claimed the other two at the same time. Three younger brothers: Patrick, Jonathan, and Robert survived and are still living.

Annie doted on her eldest (and eventually only) daughter, something that was easy to do. Even as a child she possessed a poise and grace beyond her years, and her mother could refuse her nothing; a trait which caused some strife in the household.

There were some harsh realities though. On her sixteenth birthday there were eight occupants in the family's two-room hovel. Her mother and father each worked fourteen-hour days, and her eldest brothers had jobs as well. As much as her mother wanted to spare her darling angel from labor, there was no way it was able to happen. Thus began a series of short-lived careers.

She sold fruit, but hated being up so early; she swept floors, but hated physical labor. She considered prostitution, but her parents would have disowned her, and she really did love her mother, spoiled as she was. Finally she landed a job as a maid in one of NY's finer hotels - after a closed-door meeting with the manager in a broom-closet, and a follow-up interview in one of the rooms near his office.

She hated life as a menial, but hated starvation even more, and the extra income went to both her family and to feed her love of finer things, such as "finer-than-bottom-rung" things were. She stole a bit here and there from the rooms, but never enough to be noticed, and occasionally made some extra money with wealthier discriminating gentlemen of a generous nature, often while their wives were down at a salon. It was during this period in her life that she met Winthorpe Creighton.

Creighton Coal and Steel was already a powerhouse company long before Siobhan was born, and with the railroad boom it was only becoming larger. Withorpe, the third Creighton to run the company, was an older widower with no children, a fear of having no sons, and a penchant for women a third his age.

Siobhan slow-played him, working the coy and innocent irish girl angle, and within a month was adorning his arm at artistic and social functions. The opera she hated, but the dresses and jewels he would put her in more than made up for the boredom, and the act she was laying down meant she didn't have to "thank" him the way most other men would expect.

She played him like a fine instrument, finally "surrendering to his charm" after almost a year of courtship. Then she played her trump card. Winthorpe was and man of old-school honor, and when the girl you defile becomes with child, there's only one thing you can do. So much the better if she's beautiful…

The Creighton family was FURIOUS. Though Winthorpe had no sons, he had several brothers and sisters, all of whom either wanted control of the company or the money that its sale would bring to them. What they did not want was some Mic whore coming in and scandalizing their family name and possibly birthing some bastard who would get everything they wanted. And all the easier to hate when anyone could tell she was after his money.

All of which was true enough, unlike her pregnancy. A convenient fall and bribed doctor took care of the fake condition a couple months into the marriage, but by then it was too late. As it was he was still smitten with her, and she was more than happy to play the concerned wife who only wanted a son for her husband, despite he precautions taken to the contrary. Still, it was easy enough to lay there and let the old man rut when the alternative was work and an early death. And it put her mother in a lovely middle-class home in Queens.

Meanwhile business went on, and up, as Creighton Coal struck a new vein in Northern New Mexico. Inking the contracts that would result in millions more for the company, the couple celebrated for days. After the festivities died down Winthorpe went to take part in a personal ritual of his, a head-clearing sail up the Eastern Seaboard and back in his personal yacht; a ritual that Siobhan had seen him repeat several times already in their relationship, and one she occasionally joined him for.

Not this time however, a choice which was deemed fortunate when his ship failed to arrive at one of his scheduled ports of call. After some time had passed a search was initiated which discovered wreckage from his vessel, but no survivors. After a further search that failed to produce a body he was declared lost at sea, and his estate, as per his will, transferred to his loving wife "that she may dispossess of it carefully and keep herself in fitting comfort as she chooses." She had no such plans; she kept it all.

To say that there were suspicions of fowl play would be an understatement. She certainly had contacts enough from her childhood that were the types to help create accidents. She had motive, as she stood to get everything, a fact she knew long before his disappearance. And certainly it was suspected that she only married him for his money. But murder? The investigation was brief and short-lived; when police started getting too harsh she played the distraught and heart-broken widow to the press who ate it up, the police backed off, and the DA's office was never able to come up with any solid evidence.

Still, it was better for her to remove herself from the public spotlight for a suitable period of mourning while allegations and tempers cooled. Unfortunately her best option for solitude from the vengeful Creighton Clan was near the new coal deposits out in the middle of nowhere…


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  • Speaks Irish, French, and English with such a thick back-alley brogue you'd think your ears were plugged with potatoes.
  • Investigated over the mysterious disappearance of her husband, but never charged.


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