RP Logs
Table of Contents

April, 1881

More Than Prayer - Summary: Father Domingo Leon comes to town in search of a particular young woman.

Teagan and the Foreman - Summary: Lady Fitzgerald tries to talk Rolf out of decimating a drunken townsfolk.

An Altercation - A former bounty hunter decides he's had enough of foul-mouthed drunkards.

Questions Asked - Word of the affront to one of the women farmers spurs a rancher's to question where it started and with whom.

May 1881

Meeting-Thomas meets the new school teacher, Miss Louise and Clint joins us midway.

Hunt for a Witness - Judge Bean makes a ruling on the fate of Chiane.

The Chase Begins - Moses and the men from the Rafter M go in search of an alibi for Chiane.

Roman Meets Agatha - The first meeting between Roman and the photographer.

Badlands Thomas, Moses, Edward and company

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