Roman Webb
Portrayed By Gerard Butler
Gender Male
Date of Birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Aliases Rom
Place of Birth San Francisco, California
Known Relatives Natalie (Mother), Jacob Webb (Father)
Partner or Spouse None
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Roman was born in San Francisco, the son of a Gunslinger and a whore. His father, Jacob Webb had made a name for himself as a duelist but that was about it. Jacob was an unethical man who was also known to show no mercy to the men he fought. He was a drunk…a cheater at cards and did not feel he was above giving a woman a good beating if she forgot her place. Natalie, Roman's mother, was a victim of circumstance. Drawn into prostitution to get away from her violent and buggering father, she lived the ultimate irony when she hooked up with Jacob. At first he lavished her with money and fine dresses but when Roman was conceived, he began to beat her and he blamed her for trying to entrap him in a marriage. Jacob left her and the boy to fend for themselves. Although he would return once or twice a month over the next years for a drunken shag or use to Natalie as a punching bag whenever he lost at poker.

After Roman was born, he was raised in the local whore house and his mother put him to work cleaning rooms and filling the patrons tankards. He grew up watching cowboys and shitkickers at their worst…it did not take him long to hate anyone who carried a gun.

One night when his father had returned to see them, Roman had heard his mother screaming in her entertaining room. He burst through the door just in time to see his father choking the life out of her and yelling that she had stole the money he left under her bed. Roman's eyes met his mother's and he saw the pleading for help there so he reacted without thinking. Roman ran to the corner of the bed and drew the pistol his father had left hanging there in the holster. Jacob turned on the boy and gave a gruesome grin, showing a missing tooth from some long forgotten bar fight.

“Whatcha plan to do with that, boy?”Roman's father slurred.

In answer Roman raised the weapon and at the age of twelve, he made his first kill by shooting his own father.

Roman ran. In fact, he has been running his ever since. He spent a few years in Boston where he joined a street gang called “The Templars.” A brotherhood of thugs who fancied themselves descendants of the medieval order by the same name. It was led by a man named Tom Galligar; A history buff who had been taught sword play by his English noble father. The Templars where known for their brutal tactics with swords and knives and they soon gained control of the entire eastern city. It was Tom who taught Roman the art of sword play and it was Tom who gave Roman the same dirk he wears today.

But Roman's gang days were to be short lived, Tom and Roman ended up in a fight to the death when Roman refused Tom's order to kill the wife and children of a rival gang member. After an epic fight with blades, Roman proved he had surpassed his teacher in melee combat when he thrust his dirk deep into Tom's chest. But not before Tom had laid a deep slash across Roman's face, scarring him forever.

Roman had begun to run to Canada even before Tom's body was completely cold. It was up north That Roman met a man named Brock Thompson. Brock was a Jack of all trades and a man of honor. Roman had found the father figure he needed so much. Also, riding with Brock, Roman found a number of different ways to earn money; Gold prospecting…bounty hunting…horse wrangling. The two of them even served as guides and deputies for The Canadian Mounties and traveled the breadth of that wild northern country. Brock knew a little bit about everything and he was willing to teach Roman everything he knew.

They rode together for a couple of years until they hired their guns out to a group of ranchers on The Canadian West coast…New Caledonia. Cattle rustlers had taken advantage of the lack of law on the Chilkoot plateau and had been hitting the rancher's cattle there hard. Brock and Roman started by hitting the local way-station and proceeded to give a couple of the young rustlers they cornered there a good thrashing. The leader of the rustlers, Anders Giest, formed a hunting party and tracked Brock and Roman to a bustling Gold Rush Town known as Barkerville.

The odds were six to two against Brock and Roman and to this day the townsfolk of Barkerville still talk of how the two gunslingers took on six ruffians and won the day…The tall young one with the 'iron grey eyes' put a bullet in the head of the rustler's leader himself.

However what most don't know is that Brock took a round in the gut and was mortally wounded.

Brock and Roman left town before the the Mounties would show up and want some questions answered. They returned to the Chilkoot plateau and was given their reward by the very thankful ranchers. However after their third day on the trail, Brock died in his sleep. Roman found him dead in the morning. Weeping, he wrapped his friend/father in his camp blanket and buried him along the trail.

Roman continued to drift South, helping whoever needed it along the way. One week he would help a congregation of baptists raise a church, the next he was tracking a thug who kidnapped a mayor's daughter…when she was safe, he accepted the young woman's kisses but declined her father's offer to marry her. It seemed the road was Roman's only true love.

Roman left a trail behind him of mixed reviews; The poor-folk he helped called him a hero…But others, either the law or jealous gunslingers, deemed him a vigilante. In the end he helped shut down some evil and dishonorable men and the few posses that were sent after him gave up only after a day.

Things have been quiet for Roman Lately and he now jokes (to anyone who will listen)that he is on vacation as he drifts across the Southwest…It is with this frame of mind that he enters the town of Cimmaron…


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