Rolf Bruun
Portrayed By Nathan Jones
Gender Male
Date of Birth 1851
Age 30
Aliases Alias
Place of Birth Norway
Occupation Foreman, Frisco Ranch
Known Relatives Unknown
Partner or Spouse None
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Born in 1851, early life for Rolf, that's how his childhood can be described, as he never really had so much of a 'childhood'. His mother, a street whore and his father rumored to have been her lumbering pimp, Rolf was tossed out into the streets when he was old enough to dress himself. Growing up stealing and fighting for what he needed to persist, this young Norwegian grew up big and strong, and soon, at the ripe old age of 14, Rolf was running a pack of young kids twenty strong that persisted on beatings to gain food and money.

After only two short years of success at living off their brutish might, Rolf was captured by a group of Norwegian farmers who caught him stealing, they beat Rolf till he was half dead and hung him from a tree by a butcher's hook that they pierced into his cheek. Tearing himself free in the night, Rolf managed to crawl off and stowaway on a ship that was bound for America.

Rolf tried turning a new leaf in states along the eastern coast, working as a dockworker, bodyguard, though his past always managed to sneak up to bite him with many old Norwegian accomplices living close to the shores they found after leaving their homeland. It was then he decided to leave west, to the ever expanding western lands, hiding away in the still hazardous Dakota territories, taking up work as a Rancher, learning the trade, gaining recognition as a no nonsense hard working man.

In 1875, a heated argument between conflicting ranches with rooted problems all the way back to the Civil war erupted and Rolf, stuck in the midst of it found the ranch he was ramrodding for burnt and cattle rustled away. Slowly working his way south, he heard of the opening on a ranch run by Lady Teagan in Cimarron, New Mexico, and so here he came, and here he is to stay, ramrodding on the Ladies ranch, taking the same no nonsense approach he has so successfully employed in the past.


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