We can’t do it all. We need your help. We know you care enough to role play here, but we need things done. This thing can enrich the game, and make it more fun for you and others.

Stories for the Newspapers. They can be straight news, or part of the gossip column. They can be actual IC events or national stories that are date appropriate, or something you just made up about Cimarron. If you get something in the paper, we’ll toss you +nom point to the alt of your choice. Send your stories as an attachment to moc.liamg|HSUMnorramiC#moc.liamg|HSUMnorramiC. We reserve the right to edit your entry for accuracy. (Limit 2 +noms per week. But write as many as you like)

Tiny Plots: Small ones involving just two or three people, or large one that affect the whole game. We need detailed plans, and idea. How you think the plot will play in the game, and what you think the consequences will be. We will read them all. If we use yours we will throw some +noms to the character of your choice. How many depends on how successful the plot is. Don’t worry we won’t tell anyone who thought up that devious plot their character is stuck in. Submit as many as you like, but don’t feel bad if we don’t use it right away. Some plots on here have lasted for ooc years. We may get to yours in time.

Referrals: We are always looking for good players. Quality RP’rs that enjoy the old west are scarce commodity. If you can bring in players, and they rp regularly for 30 days, we will give 5 +nom points to both the new player, and the referrer. No cheating guys, Admin will look at the IP addys. Don’t try to refer your alts.

Website Bios If you place your character's bio on the website, we'll give you 2 XP's.

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