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* Frank - Bartender of the Saguaro Rose Saloon

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Summary: An altercation takes place in town which brings Lady Teagan to investigate.

Date: April 14, 1881

Questions Asked

Saguaro Rose Saloon

Teagan finds herself pacing slowly before the bar, her riding crop making a slapping sound against her booted leg. Seeing someone relatively new, she pauses, her head tilting with interest in his direction. "You are the new manager?" Her voice holds all the propriety of an English lady in its tone.

Roman comes down the stairs shaking his head and frowning. He looks up and gives a small smile to the woman then continues down the steps."I am… as of this morning. Roman Webb is my name." he cocks an eyebrow as he approaches Teagan."how can I help you, Miss…?"

Teagan tucks the riding crop beneath her arm and steps forward, a hand offered, "Miss or Lady Fitzgerald, which ever you prefer, Mister Webb. I understand there was an altercation of some sort in town last evening with a ranch hand or a farm hand? My own employee was unclear in regards to the matter. I figured I would start here since the over-imbibing of spirits would tend to begin here, hm?"

Roman seems to ponder her words for a moment then says,"Hmmm, news to me." he gives a chuckle," Mind you, i wasn't here last night. i was in my room at the Hotel." he flashes a smile at the woman."But I can tell you now, Lady Fitzgerald, that from this day forward, curse, fighting and disrespect of ladies will no longer be tolerated here at The Rose."

Teagan's brow lifts and she elegantly mounts one of the bar stool, her gloved hand resting beneath her chin, "Disrespecting of ladies? This is a portion of the tale I'd not heard."

Roman waves his hand in dismissal,"I was speaking generally, M'lady" He joins her at the bar but turns his head toward Frank."How 'bout you, old boy? Anything happen last night you might want to share?" Frank turns from restocking the Pretzel rack and says,"Well, there were a rowdy bunch of ranch hands at that table…"he motions with a hand toward a table"…They chased that Mullatto out of here last night." He frowns."I felt kinda sorry for her but then again this isn't no place for a lady…even one who dresses like a man."

You sit down at the Bar.

Roman sits down at the Bar.

You say, "Mulatto? We've two in town." As she realizes of whom he speaks she responds, "Oh, then that would be from the Rafter M Farm as I've yet to see Miss Chouteau wear a pair of jeans."

Roman follows the conversation and allows Frank to answer."Well, i'm not sure of her name…but those boys last night took on her like stink to road apples." He turns to Roman."She was wearing a pistol and the boys didn't take to kindly to that. she took there flack long enough for a drink and then she headed out. That was about all I saw that was out of the ordinary."

You say, "I believe there is a reason that the coloreds stay down south of town. There are still those with small minds who believe nearly two decades of time having passed does not change the fact that they are still slaves and have not the where-with-all to function in decent society." She looks fully at the man, "I, however, am not one of them."

Several cowhands argue over a poker hand.

Roman eyes the woman for a moment, a small smile on his lips. Then he states matter-of-factly,"Last I checked they were made a free as you or I…and that means they are free to come through that door." he turns back to Frank."From now on, i'll be trying to spend most of the evenings here. I'll not tolerate that shi…I mean that type of customer in my place." his eyes shift back to Teagan,"I can promise you that."

Teagan laughs softly as the manager weighs his words, "I own a ranch, Mister Webb. I have heard far worse, but I appreciate that you filtered your thoughts. You have not been in town long, have you? I've not seen you in my excursions about town."

Roman shrugs,"A couple of days…spent most of it sleeping or in a bath. I spend the last month and a half on the road." he chuckles. i used to work up north trouble shooting for The Mounties in Canada." another shrug."But I tired of that and came south." he looks around the saloon."A good friend of mine always wanted to own a saloon but he died before he got the chance…"he trails off as if that explains his entire existence.

You say, "You must enjoy a good bathing, Mister Webb. If there is further trouble, I would suggest the Sheriff, though I will instruct my ranch hands to refrain from commenting on the ladies and the negroes in town and any who violate that will be terminated." She straightens the gloves on her hands before standing, "It was a pleasure meeting you, sir and please when you've time come to the ranch or to the Nacimiento Hotel and we'll have dinner shall we?"

Roman smiles and stands as Teagan does."That would be nice, M'lady. Thank you for stopping by and voicing your concerns." He walks with her to the door a smile on his face."…and don't forget to let your foremen know that ALL ranch hands need to be on their best behavior when they come to the Rose."


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