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Great character! Looks soft and sweet but can be tough as nails…can't wait to RP with her again!:)

For a brief but good introduction.

A friendly sort that I look forward to getting to know!

Carolina's eyes note a rider coming down the street and she waves at him, "Thomas! Senor Roland wishes a word with you when you can?" She returns her gaze towards the woman, "Miss, Senora or perhaps Senorita?"

A treat to RP with. She knows how to carry mood in her poses.


He has the ability to convey very distinct moods in his RP. He is a true cowboy in every sense of the word.

Always good to see a familiar face.

Such a proper gentleman. Not many proper gentlemen left! It is good to see!

He actually rp'd with me, no one else does.

He is absolutely wonderful.

Roland nods over to Siobhan, "Maam… " He glances back as Thomas rides up, "Yessir.. Needed to ask you about somethen.. Got that gal you was chasin in the jail.. Thought maybe you could shed some light on some things."

Excellent scene displaying his aptitude in roleplay…and hospitality!


Good initial RP of character and gave a hint of background without just coming out and blurting 'this is who I am'.

Very creative and imaginative.


Such a creative person! It takes talent to rp such vastly different personalities with npc's!

Always the mystery and such a fantastic storyteller!

What a wonderful RPer. So evocative!


Such a pleasant fellow! It was a nice relaxing roleplay!


Good roleplayer, had fun with our 'bumping into" each other scene

She captures her character's mannerisms perfectly. Wonderful RP.

From the cell, Chiane mutters from underneath her hat. "There aint no God. Go 'way." The hat is pulled down tighter to hide a bit better. "I aint done nothin' wrong 'cept be black and be in the wrong place at the wrong time."

You can read her attitude in her poses. Wonderful RPer.



Rolf drums his fingers on the table top, she is making him do a hell of a lot of thinking and Rolf is a bit of an impatient sort of thinker.

"Whoa there sheriff, I think I fuckin told you to hold off on that Junior bit, and I am sick of this talk of a job from the Diamond D, so how about you step your ass down off the horse and I just knock the idea from your head?" Rolf moves to lean his shotgun up towards the hitching post next to him.

He is so mischivious! Yet he has a bit of a refreshing honesty most characters do not possess.


Nom point for Cowboy Dictionary Close on "building a loop"

He was very charming to the new girl. Thanks for showing her around!

He makes me think of Broken Trail.


Sancho Panza yes-man sidekick Nuff said.


Very eloquent in his RP. His poses are very real.


I enjoy scenes with him. You can almost hear the cadence of his voice.

Such an interesting display of prowess over those riff-raff! Able to be tough, but still be a gentleman when dealing with someone proper.

Roman to the rescue! My hero! A fantastic RP in every sense of the word.:)

For greeting me so greatly during my first real RP on the grid.

The woman who brings this one to his knees will have something extra special to be sure.


A very interesting scene with the new priest. I'm not sure how it will play out, but it should be absorbing.

Conleth looks over his shoulder, "I know a little something, Sometimes a lady can just be wrongly accused. I am glad to see you are just watching the door. In Seven days she will be free , I hope you know any tension was not my intention." His nimble fingers drift down to a Rosary.

Great RP. A kind character who was very warm. GREAT scene!


Great character…kinda want someone to injure me so she can fix me up.:)

Held her own well in the face of a vitriol, tired doctor.

A proper lady. Refreshing to see on an Old West game.


Louise walks into the main room from one of the other rooms humming softly. She looks slightly startled at there being a person in the room she had left empty. She gasps and places a hand over her heart, "Dear lord man, you shouldn't walk into an empty classroom without finding out if there is actually someone around." She frowns softly in a disapproving way that screams that she had been a teacher for a few years at least.

Louise blinks softly at the flowers, "For… me?" She looks awstruck, as if she had never been given flowers before. She tentatively reaches out and takes the flowers. She says softly, "Thank you." She smiles softly as she looks at the flowers.

For being so sweet and motherly to a poor clumsy thing.


Clint stand up from leaning on the doorframe and comes into the classroom reluctantly and smiles, "I am sorry I did not mean to intrude on you but let me introduce myself." he says before straightening up and smiles politely, "I am Clint Purnell.


Siobhan isn't sure she wants to be thought of as a lost sheep, as evidenced by a frown marring her fine features, but it's only a passing cloud as she continues to study the other. "Chairmed, Miss Vaga. Or are it bein' Missus? Or Miss la Vega? I can't be sayin' I's knowin' th' proppar address in deese parts." She stands a small distance away from Carolina, speaking to the other in a painfully thick brogue.

HILARIOUS inner thoughts. She's a devious one. Can't wait to see what she up her sleeve.

This Black widow makes my character nervous…I love It!

Definitely a pistol, this one is.


Great to RP again! Aggie is sweet and hilarious!

What a joy to see her again!

A delightful character. Clutzy and cute.

A great introductory scene. First in the new MUSH. Agatha is a wonderful RPer!

Always a charmer. Her shy poses give life to the character.

She imbues her character with charm.


Fantastic conversation with a slick gambler. Thanks for the scene!:)


Held her own well in the face of a vitriol, tired doctor.


Lyle's excitement glares through as he grins widely. He makes his way toward the door, "Thank you, I'm eager to see what Cimarron has in store for me."

A vibrant character and I'm so happy to see him again.


Finally met the madam of the whore house…very business like.:)


Knowledgeable and witty poses. I can't wait to RP with her again.

+Noms for April 3

“For putting a bio up on the website.”

“For putting a bio up on the website.”

“So descriptive, I can hear the Irish in his words. A lovely character in all ways.”

“For putting a bio up on the website.”

“Without a doubt the BEST RPer I have ever met.”

“For putting a bio up on the website.”

“SHe has rped with me a couple times this period and it has been fun. She has used the full extent of her backstory to react to situations in our rp sessions. I think that she deserves it. :)”

“For putting a bio up on the website.”

“For trying not to be sooo ladylike”

“Chiane stiffens suddenly as Thomas suddenly aproaches her. She keeps her cool. The hand is lowered and a striking mulatto female face peers out from under the rim of the hat. "I dun think I ever met her. Then 'gain.. I dun know many folks here. I was jus' commin' into town, lookin' fer work. But noone wants a negra in their respectable business." She frowns. "Sorry, wish I coulda helped ya better.." She then turns from Thomas, making her way towards the door.”
“For putting a bio up on the website.”

“for a nice conversation in private where I did not have to worry about anything inappropriate happening”

“Domingo smiles warmly at Thomas as he adjusts the pack over his shoulder. "Let me just drop this off inside. I'll be right out and then we can go…" He furrows his brow and gestures with his hand. "Wherever it is people go to have a drink and talk in this town." He then turns and confidently strolls toward the church, kneeling and gesticulating as he goes through the door.”

“For greeting me in the town and having a good time sharing an ale, even if RL gobbled us mid-scene.”

“For putting a bio up on the website.”

“Gideon shakes his head to his wife. He leans down and kisses the top of her head. He looks down at her and says, "What are you two talking about?" He looks inbetween the two of them. He's doing a pretty good job at suppressing his accent. He peers at Roland and says, "Oh…and I was greeting you, not sneezings."

“For putting a bio up on the website.”

“For putting a bio up on the website.”

“for good Role-Play. You play the hopeless romantic very well! Even made Chiane blush!”

“Welcome to the mush! I look forward to new RP's”

“Jarret lifts a eyebrow at the mention of Sheriff Roland. "Joe Roland??? Heck last I heard he was a horse seller." Then proceeds to take a glance back Chiane to see if ok. "What a small world this is if it it is him."

Li Mei
“for good Role-Play. Such an interesting character concept! I look forward to more rp!”

“What thu…" Big almond eyes lift up as Li Mei just kinda blinks at Thomas. "When did -you- get here?" she asks, not a trace of a Chinese accent to be heard. In fact, it's straight up Montana drawl. And she's all dressed up like a cowpoke.”

“For putting a bio up on the website.”

“For putting a bio up on the website.”

“For putting a bio up on the website.”

“Fantastic character! Excellent usage of Npc's!”

“For putting a bio up on the website.”

"Indeed. A mustang. I want to cross the Kildare's footing and heartiness with the speed and stamina of the famed American mustang." Nora grins a little. "My family are horse breeders back in Eire," she says with an arched brow. She leans her head into the kiss she gets from Gideon and looks up. "I'm going to breed Aoife, and the Sheriff wants us to make rolls for his ranch so that his men do not have to ride into town every day." Her lips twitch. "He wanted me to burn my rolls at first, I think, but I think he's moved on. Would you be willing to ride a load out to his ranch once a week, dear?"

“For putting a bio up on the website.”

“For putting a bio up on the website.”

“for good Role-Play. I love the give and take of his RP. He is wonderful.”

“It's what's between the lines that makes Roland a wonderful RP partner. He is the consummate cowboy. Strong, silent, elusive. His humor is dry and I adore RP with him.”

“For putting a bio up on the website.”

“For putting a bio up on the website.”

“For Nightly Definition answer. Riding the Night Owl Trail.”

“For making me sweat in my seat!!”

“For bringing back a few good memories.”

“For putting a bio up on the website.”

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