Mission Statement

From Cimarron MUSH Admin:

What we’re about:

Cimarron MUSH is a game. First and foremost, it’s supposed to be fun. It is set in New Mexico in 1881. No. We’re not 100% historically accurate. Our Geography may be off some. Our guns may be out of date a little. All of that aside, we are striving to bring the parts of the wild west myth from movies to a game that anyone may join and play.

What players can expect from us:

Our goal to provide players with an interesting canvas to tell their story against. We will do our very best to treat every player the same. Our policies will apply to all equally. We will strive to answer your questions quickly, and accurately as we can. In games items that need Admin attention will be seen to in as prompt a manner as we can manage. We want to give players an excellent backdrop, and the props they need to tell their collective stories, and have fun on our MUSH.

What we expect from players:

We want players to have fun on our game. We would also like players to realize that they are only the main characters in their own story. Our hope is the game is full of those players, and their stories. A player’s fun ends where another player’s begins. As much as we want you have fun, other players have the same rights as you.

We want everyone who plays here to remember that just because something bad happens to your character on the grid. Something doesn’t go as planned to your character, or something unexpected happens….. In no way does that reflect on you as a person. Main characters in every story have ups, and downs, its part of good story telling. We believe that excellent roleplay comes out of both good, and bad things happening to your characters.

Finally we ask for your patience. We volunteer our time because we love to hear your stories. We love to tell stories. We’re only human. We have to work to pay for internet access. We will make mistakes. We will mess up, and ask that you help us when you can, and bear with us as we learn.

We are committed to seeing this game succeed.

Welcome to The Guns of The Cimarron

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