Miel Kaya Simone
Portrayed By Charlize Theron
Gender Female
Date of Birth January 1, 1861
Age 20
Aliases mi
Place of Birth Picacho Peak. Arizona
Occupation Madam, Cimarron Rose
Known Relatives Kaya (Mother), Emile Simone (Father)
Significant Other None
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They say she was named Honey by her mother, Kaya, a light skinned Hopi who tended bees for a living, who fell in love with a golden haired Frenchman come to survey the lands around Arizona. She gave him her body, he returned the favor by giving her a child and then leaving her to her own devices. Kaya continued to tend the bees, heartbroken and dull from the loss of her one love. Several years later, she was found with an arrow through her heart, some saying it was retribution for refusing the attentions of an Apache brave who had sued for her favor. Miel was left alone for several weeks until a carriage full of women came along. Being only five years old at the time she subsisted on only honey and eggs from the coop behind her house and the women were captivated by her plight.

The carriaged women were courtesans from France, on their way to establish a brothel in the west. Their hearts melted when they saw this beautiful little child who was forced to take care of herself. They gathered up the little girl, along with her belongings - a well-used teddy bear, journals her mother had written and what appeared to be her absent father, Emile Simone. When they asked her name, she told them Honey, which was immediately changed to Miel. The women settled in the small town of Cimarron, originally under the protection of the Sheriff, Jedidiah Duniway. It is rumored, the madam, Dominique Brettiene was his mistress until she died of consumption. Shortly thereafter, Jedidiah also passed.

Miel had grown to love the both of them coming as close to having parents as she ever would. She had been sent to school in France, by the Major and when she heard of both deaths, returned to the town, taking over the brothel. She had grown into a beautiful young woman, educated and full of life, though far from being a soiled dove, herself. She looks upon it as being an investment in the future, able to enjoy the company of men, but having the ability to decide upon her lovers. She is a beneficent employer, choosing to better her girls by bringing in tutors and linguists to enhance their standing, training them in comportment and to become upright citizens of the community to the consternation of the religious women of Cimarron.



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