Martin Armstrong
Portrayed By Joe Manganiello
Gender Male
Date of Birth February 1, 1853
Age 28
Aliases mar
Place of Birth New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Former school teacher
Known Relatives Jessica (Mother), Winston Armstrong (Father)
Partner or Spouse None
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Martin Armstrong was at one time a schoolmaster, teaching in a one-room schoolhouse in a small town in the Northern territory of Colorado. He served there well, the students loved him, and his creative ways of keeping the children interested in their studies. Then almost a year ago, a band of outlaws led by an evil man named Curtis Black made their appearance.

They initially came to the schoolhouse to hide from a posse, who ultimately found the bandits, but Curtis and his men had taken Martin and his students hostage. The posse cared little for the schoolmaster and his wards setting the schoolhouse aflame in an effort to flush the men out. It worked but not before Curtis and his men burst out to fight the lawmen, using the children as shields.

Martin was left for dead, knocked unconscious by the butt of a rifle trying to stop Curtis and his men from harming the children. When all was said and done, half a dozen of Martin's students lay dead outside the burning schoolhouse. Martin and the other half of the students were pulled to safety. Curtis Black and his surviving gang members escaped from the school and the shootout.

They were never seen in the area again. Since then, Martin has traded his pen for a pistol and has vowed to himself to kill every last one of The bandits, hoping that when he catches up to Curtis Black, he can make the man's death especially painful. He has found two of them in his travels and both are now six feet under. He comes to Cimarron on a rumor that Curtis and his men have been seen passed through lately…


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