Lyle Montgomery Madison
Portrayed By Gene Kelly
Gender Male
Date of Birth July 15, 1853
Age 28
Aliases L
Place of Birth Philadelphia, PA
Occupation General Store Owner
Known Relatives Virgil and Ruth Madison
Partner or Spouse None
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Lyle was born in Philadelphia, PA to Virgil and Ruth Madison. He is the oldest of six children. Virgil is the proprietor of a Scottish pub in Philadelphia. He was partnered with an old sailor name Angus Gunn. Angus passed away at the age of 77, leaving the establishment to Virgil. 'The Golden Thistle' is a public house well known among the locals. It is a cozy place that patrons claim, "serves the best import ales and fish and chips this side of the ocean".

It was growing up around the pub that put thoughts of owning his own establishment into Lyle's head. He would rush every day after school and help his dad wash dishes and serve the patrons. From the time he was old enough to walk until he ventured off on his own at the age of twenty-seven, Lyle was working for his dad at the pub. He learned the ins and outs of business. His responsibilities included everything from taking care of unruly customers to balancing the books. Most of the time he was bussing tables and tending the bar, but he ended up being the one in charge of ordering and managing the accounts before too long.

After years of working with his father and a few years with Angus, Lyle decided that it was his turn to set out on his own and seek his fortune. His sights were set on California. It was there that he hoped to start a business and plant his roots. On his way to California he happened upon a little town in New Mexico, named Cimarron. It was only supposed to be a stop to stretch his legs and fetch a bite to eat. Instead he fell in love with the town, and his creative vision took over.


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