Lydia Taylor
Portrayed By Diane Lane
Gender Female
Date of Birth June 21, 1856
Age 25
Aliases LT
Place of Birth Lexington, Missouri
Occupation Dove
Known Relatives Belinda (Mother), Charles Taylor (Father)
Significant Other None
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Lydia Taylor was raised up in Lexington, Missouri. Born in 1851, she was the 3rd of 6 children of Belinda and Charles Taylor. Her family became merchants in the town of Lexington. She was just a few months old when the Civil War began to affect her family. The battle of Lexington destroyed everything her family had lived and worked for. The once prosperous family now found themselves with very little left. It was her family's poverty that caused the death of her mother. With very little to eat the food was given to the children. Upon her mother’s death her father became stricken with grief. He thought a new life further west might be the answer. Even that trip did not prove to be the best for the family as money grew even tighter her it wasn’t long before Lydia found herself left behind in a strange town to fend for herself. She was barely 10 and on her own.

Taken in by the local saloon owner, he gave her a job of cleaning up the establishment in the early hours of the morning. To say she had to learn to take care of herself was an understatement. Once the owner of the bar started to notice how the men where leering at Lydia he thought of a better use for her and soon she was not only cleaning the saloon but servicing its customers in other fashions.

Each day that passed was a challenge to stay alive and when she awoke in the morning to find she was able to open her eyes she was thankful. She learned a lot in her time there along the trail and soon the town that once was began to fade away. Her employer decided it was time to head further west where the promise of a new boom town lured him. He sought to take Lydia with him and she really had no other choice. Along the trail to god only knows where another turn of events took place, a lone band of Indians that was likely fearful of any man that was white crossed their path. They may have not harmed them but cool heads never prevail in such situations and her employer fired on them only to meet his own fate. Everything was taken except for a small pouch containing gold that had been placed upon Lydia for safe keeping. She had hidden herself inside the wagon until she could no longer hear the cries from the Indians or the shots from some unknown rifles.

It was with this bit of gold that she headed out with alone until she met up with some men that were on their way to Mexico. Knowing what she had to do she offered herself up for their pleasure if they would only help her get to the next town along their way. That is how she ended up in Cimarron, New Mexico. The little bag of gold would be how she would start to build her new life by getting settled and putting to use the knowledge she had learned throughout her life.

Lydia has not always had it easy and she never plans to. What the future holds for her now no one really knows but for the first time in her life her future really does depend upon her.


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