Lady Lillian St. James
Portrayed By Kristen Bell
Gender Female
Date of Birth Month Day, Year
Age 22
Aliases Lily; Lil
Place of Birth London, England
Occupation Editor of the Cimarron Star
Known Relatives Duchess Beatrice St. James (Mother), Duke Reginald St. James (Father)
Partner or Spouse None
Table of Contents


"Perfect." Lily exclaimed, once informed by her father that she would be taking on the role of newspaper editor in a rough and tumble town in the barely settled American west. Other young ladies - and her mother - were absolutely horrified. The only child of the Duke of Beaufort and heir to the St. James Clocks fortune was running off instead of marrying another member of the peerage! Ironically, as soon as Lily left London, her story was all over the papers in England. Had she possessed any siblings, the story probably would not have been quite as scandalous. Some speculated that she was pregnant out of wedlock. Others assumed she had committed some horrible crime and her father was sending her away to clean up after her. Those that actually knew Lily, however, knew the truth - she just wanted to experience life.

She had never been thrilled with the "proper" life among privileged and spoiled girls who lived for nothing more than getting their hair done or buying the latest fashion. While Lily enjoyed those activities, she felt very strongly that there was more to their enclosed bubble of life. Expanding her knowledge was her real passion, despite the fact that she was not permitted to achieve her highest dream by studying at Oxford. She resorted to living vicariously through her male acquaintances that studied there, often borrowing their books and then engaging them in lively debate over whatever the topic at hand was. Alas, being unmarried by the age of 22 was something of an anamoly, especially for one of her status. Her father had no desire to marry her off to someone she didn't love, so unmarried she remained. As time went on, the whispering gossip in the British peerage became a little much, and Lily requested from her father an opportunity to travel. Concidentally, he had just purchased a newspaper in the American west to pay off a gambling debt to a friend. The timing was perfect - he could send Lily off to run the newspaper in her well-capable hands, and she could have a taste of the foreign life.

Lily shipped off with the understanding that this would be a temporary situation, and that she was to return to London in a year or two to follow in her father's footsteps and become Duchess - unless she had found a reason to stay. So now the real question is: will she find something to keep her in Cimarron?


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