Lady Teagan Fitzgerald
Lady Teagan Fitzgerald
Portrayed By Nicole Kidman
Gender Female
Date of Birth May 16, 1855
Age 26
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Aliases Tea
Place of Birth Boston, Massachusetts
Occupation Rancher, Owner of Epona Ranch
Known Relatives Siobhan McCarthy (Mother), Farrell O'Murray (Father)
Significant Other None

Biographical Info

Family & History

Lady Teagan Aislin Fitzgerald was formerly Teagan O'Murray from Tullamore, Ireland. The granddaughter of a poor farmer (Tarney) and his wife (Kiera) who had worked land which had been in the O'Murray family for generations. With seven children and the potato famine that comfort was ripped from the family. The year was 1847 and the O'Murrays were some within the first wave of the Famine emigration landing them in Boston, Massachusetts.

Thirty three years later, found a far different O'Murray family than left the blighted country. Tarney and Kiera's only surviving child, Farrell O'Murray became a justice of the Supreme Court and married Siobhan McCarthy of the prestigious McCarthys of Virginia, who raised and sold thoroughbred Quarter Horses since the Revolutionary War. Their child was Teagan. Beautiful, spoiled apple-of-their-eye daughter who had the face of an angel and the spirit and temperament of a lady of the night and con woman. At the age of seventeen, she was married to Lord Spencer Fitzgerald, a respected and elder member of the House of Lords in London. It was not of her choosing but her parents plan as they could no longer control her and felt her headstrong and hedonistic nature would put the family name in disesteem. Teagan would be damned if her new husband was going to be allowed to take her from her country. And so through persuasion and sexual favors (the same diligence that served her well most of her life), she convinced her enamored husband to travel around the country for the next four years. Spending both time and massive funds in Boston, New York and Chicago, they made their way West, the elder Fitzgerald willingly capitulating to keep his beautiful bride at his side.

Unbeknownst to Lord Fitzgerald, his lovely wife also took many lovers along the way, her insatiability for attention seemingly never-ending. They finally made it to San Francisco where Spencer purchased her heart's desire of a house on Beacon Hill with a small stable. Teagon's wants were as mercurial as her wanton tastes. After several months, Teagon fell in love with an inveterate gambler who treated her as carelessly as she had her husband, and she found herself under his malevolent spell. Money soon was at a premium as the gambler enticed the young woman to sell herself to others to please him and prove her loyalty to him. Her life went from abominable to atrocious when the gambler/con man Sims Crowley set the police on her after he staged the death of her husband under suspicious circumstances. Teagan's blinders and her insouciant expectations fled as she fought for her very survival. She was imprisoned for a short while until her trial, which resulted in a hung jury. Sims Crowley was mysteriously missing, her husband was dead and the financial stability she'd known all of her life had been sold to pay for the bevy of lawyers who attempted to save her skin. Day after day, the papers trumpeted another revelation as layer upon layer of her depraved lifestyle was revealed. Lovers, married and single, her permanent room in one of the brothels in China Town, the names of her paramours were divulged, creating a scandal the likes San Francisco had never seen. Upon her release, she took a small room to pull the ragged remnants of her life around her as month after month lengthened to a year. She took lovers to simply exist. It was simple in San Francisco as there were always lawyers and wealthy merchants who desired a lovely woman on their arm or in their beds.

At the middle of this year, a letter arrived from her deceased husband's solicitor along with wire transfer of the monies from his estate, which she looked upon as a blessing to allow her escape from the hell which had stifled her these past years, first with her unwanted marriage and then her blackmail and extortion in her husband's death. Packing her bags, she took a train towards the East Coast. During a stop over, she came to stretch her legs in the Cimarron, New Mexico train station where she saw the desire to sell one of the cattle ranches outside of the town. Teagan felt a calm and the weight of sorrow leave her as she paid one of the workers to seek out the lawyer who was handling the sale. The area would afford her the anonymity and peacefulness which she craved after being in the limelight and papers lo, these past years. She has become a major influence in the town of Cimarron with the Frisco Ranch.

Distinguishing Features

  • Silken topaz hair, which unbound reaches down to her waist.
  • Large aquamarine green eyes.
  • Long, hot baths.
  • Gracious, though passionate men
  • Horses and the money they have the potential to garner her.



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