Isabella Valenti
Portrayed By Megan Fox
Gender Female
Date of Birth May 19th, 1861
Age 19
Aliases Izzy; Bella
Place of Birth Florence, Italy
Occupation Soiled Dove
Known Relatives Bianca Valenti (Mother), Antonio Valenti (Father)
Partner or Spouse None
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Isabella and her two older brothers were born in Florence, Italy, and raised in a predominately Italian neighborhood in New York City. When she was five years old, the Valenti family immigrated to the United States. Her father Antonio found work in a textile factory, while her mother Bianca found work as a nanny for the Irvine family: a fairly wealthy, established family that owned and ran a theatre on Broadway. Isabella assisted backstage at the Irvine Theatre doing odd jobs for everybody - which is where she fell in love with the art of performing.

By mimicing the singers and actresses she watched onstage from the wings, Isabella slowly but surely learned how to sing as a young teenager. On the rare occasion she had free time, she would pluck away at the piano keys and attempt to learn the popular songs of the day. The young, dashing, and debonaire Irvine son, Colin Irvine, caught her at the theatre late at night one evening, and found a new, temporary target for his affections. With promises of a specacular career in the arts, Isabella - as optimistic and hopeful as she was at the time - fell for the empty promises and gave in to his charms. Alas, his attentions soon wandered elsewhere, leaving Isabella crushed, her reputation ruined, and the rest of the New York theatre social circle gossiping.

Hopping on the next train headed West, Isabella left and has never looked back. Wandering from town to outpost, she used her voice and charms to her benefit to pay for food and lodging, a fact which would greatly upset her devoutly Catholic mother. She now finds herself - albeit a much more jaded version of herself - at the Cimarron Rose, where she is free to perform and do what she loves without the knowledge or shame of her family.


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