Hunt For A Witness


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* Deputy Dewey.

Summary: Court determines the fate of Miss Thompson

Date: May 6, 1881

Hunt for a Witness

Cimarron Jail

Roland stands up from desk, and nods over to Chiane as she comes in, "Evenin Miss Chiane..This here is Judge Bean. Judge this here is the gal I wired you about."

Moses enters the jail from Lower Main.

Roy sits at the desk, a shot glass on one hand, a bottle of whiskey on the other. He rubs his eyes when the negress enters, looking back down at the wire and then up at her. "You tell me anythin' about her bein' a darkie, Sheriff? Holy shit. You are in one world of hurt, ma'am." He reluctantly stands, instructing Dewey to lock the door after eyeing the fella who parks in behind her. "And Sheriff, if they got guns, knives, ladies garters, gather'm up cause I sure as shit ain't goin'ta be shot in my own god damned court."

Chiane steps into the room rather nervously. Her dark gaze takes in the posters on the wall, including the one of herself. The sheriff's introduction of the judge gives her pause. She is tense now and it shows. Reaching up, she removes the hat from her head, letting the long locks of hair fall down about her shoulders. "Yer Honor.." Hands immediately wring at her hat. On her hip is a piece. No protest is given as the gun is confiscated.

Moses entered after Chiane, along with Samson and Fitzy. The Professor was nowhere to be seen. As weapons are confiscated, the final count amongst the men comes to One Tomahawk, 2 Bowie knives, a Colt Dragoon, 3 Sharp's Big bore rifles, and an Axe handle, the end wrapped in Barbed Wire. There's a bit of confusion for a moment before Moses Finally hands over his spurs as well.

Roland nods over to Moses, and moves toward the door, "Good to see ye Moses.. You ain't still hurtin are ye?" He glances toward Roy for a moment before clearing his throat, "This is a courthouse now boys. Moses.. I don't mind you stayin, but yer boys needs to wait outside."

Roy gestures, "Them other two fellas, they need'ta step outside. I sure ain't goin'ta get jumped because of anythin' I have'ta say in court." He looks towards Moses, the obvious leader, "Gett'm out. Now or not word one'll pass from my lips and I'll throw missy here in jail faster'n you can take a shot at me."

Chiane just remains silent. The brown on her face seems to be slowly, b ut steadily draining. If it continues, she might look like Michael Jackson! Shifting from one foot to the other, her hands continue wringing at the hat. Her gaze darts around, looking very much like a caged animal seeking a way to get away.

Nodding to Roland, he nods to the pair, who in turn grab their gear and head out the door once more before Moses grunts and speaks in his deep Barritone. "Be jes' fine She'if…Be in Fightin' figuh youse might be sayin'." Looking at the Judge, he nods quietly. "Be 'pologizin dere Mistuh Judge. Dey be waitin' outside." Without a hint as to weather either of those statements was a veiled threat or not, Moses finds a seat behind Chiane. Fishing in his pocket, he removes a large walnut from his pocket and crushes the shell easily in his hand.

Roland moves toward the door, and locks it. He turns back to Chiane, and reaches down slowly to take the pistol from her side, "Court's in session now folks. Judge is in charge.. Yer Honor. I'd like to say a word.."

Roy sits back down, "Dew, you're the court reporter. You don't like it, ask yer boss for more money." He glances at the sheriff and nods, "Shoot, son."

Chiane simply remains silent. Fingers tremble and she chews on her bottom lip. Though she remains silent as she stands there.. waiting.. sweating..

Roland takes Chiane's pistol, and Moses's weapons, and opens up the gunsafe. He steps back outside, and nods once, "Thank ye .. Yer Honor. This gal came to me with her troubles. She didn't 'ave to. We'd have never known. She had plenty of chances to run since then.. And she stayed.. True to her word.. And came in here tonight.. Jest like she said she would. "

Roy wipes his face with one hand, pouring another shot with one hand. He pushes the shot nearer to Chiane, "There ya go, darlin'. You're sure as hell gonna need that." Reaching into the desk he pulls out another glass and fills it to the brim. "I'll keep all that in mind." After many minutes and having tossed back the whiskey, he scratches his head. "Charges here are hard as those nuts yer fella's crackin' in the hopes I'll be impressed with how strong he is. I ain't gonna lie to ya."

Chiane licks her lips. Reaching out to the whiskey, she accepts it, tossing it back in a single gulp. Ger nose crinkles up a bit before giving a small cough from the liquor. Setting the glass down, she steps back again. "Do ya wanna hear mah story yer honor?" She inquires. "I didn't kill that man nor take his money. But I do know who did."

Looking up from the Walnut Moses gives an innocent look as he picks at the meat. He was just here for moral support now.

Roland crosses his arms across his chest, and listens quietly, looking back to the judge for a moment.

You say, "Already know the story, ma'am. Recall to my mind, Sheriff if you told me who the negress alleges made her life a livin' hell? Dew, note the defendant is said negress. I'm guessin' the larger darkie is here as protection in case the rulin' don't go her way. Make mention a that, deputy."

Chiane glances to the deputy and then to the judge and then to Roland. A deep breath is taken in before letting it out. She was not being addressed, so she falls quiet. Though her gaze turns to Roland, waiting to hear his answer tot he judge's questions.

Roland clears her throat, "It was a gang she said… Red… No Scarlet.." He glances over to Chiane nods to encourage to speak, "Who was it again?" He glances back to Bean, "Moses there is her employer.. He's came in with her.. He won't be no trouble.. He's an honest man as far as my dealin's with 'im. I don't expect he'll try harm anyone that don't try to harm him."

Chiane clears her throat. "Scarlet Mercenaries." she murmurs quietly. "Jack was the leader. He sent me in to the mercantile knowin' what was happenin'." Her gaze turns back to Moses then back to the others nervously. "The men I was tryin' to meet up were named David and Frederick"

You say, "Well, I've had too much fuckin' whiskey to shoot up the jail tonight." He caps the whiskey and sits back in the chair, the old old creeking ominously. "I've been askin' around for these Scarlet fellas and we ain't heard hide'ner hair a them. And I'm tellin' ya, ma'am. With the shit stacked against ya, it'll take an act'a god, yawae, moohamed and whoever else you're prayin' to. You got a name for this Jack fella other than Jack? Ain't like his name was Periwinkle or somethin' easily traced."

Chiane furrows her brows a bit. Then relenting, she shakes her head. "No. I dun know the men all that well. I jus' cooked for them. But I promise to whoever ya want me to promise to.. I dun kill that man. I do admit to punchin' the sheriff though.. but that was jus' a moment of bein' scared."

Sitting back in his chair, Moses watches the goings on quietly.

Roland glances between the two quietly, falling silent, as they speak. He reaches up to rub the back of his neck.

You say, "Hell, I've had reason to want'ta shoot a sheriff'er two, ma'am. And as much as I'd like to be turnin' a blind eye to what happened, you have a big mark against ya and you can be blamin' it on the bible and the mark of Cain." He wipes his face with his hand and uses his shot glass as a gavel. "Unless someone can turn over a rock and pull out this Jack ass or someone who can corroborate and slip you outta this," he glances over at the Moses, "And I'd suggest you send those fellas in search of this person or persons before a week or this fine lookin' gal is gonna swing. I can't get her off, Sheriff, much as I'd like to."

Standing quietly at this point, Moses raises a hand. "Be askin a question Mistuh Judge?"

Roland pales slightly, "Judge?…" He glances from Roy to Chiane and back again, his arms falling from his chest, "She ain't a killer yer Honor…" He paues, and looks over to Moses for a moment, clearly concerned.

Chiane pales even more. In fact she staggers back a bit from where she stands, feeling a bit weak at the knees. "I knew it.." She stammers out her words at Moses. "I knew I shouldn't have said nothin.. "

Roy's head turns towards the other man and nods, "You kin' ask."

Nodding quietly, Moses Steps towards the bench. not withint arm's reach, but closer. "I be leavin' here in der nex' 10 minutes ta be lookin fo' dese men. But I be askin Tuh be Takin Missus Chiane wit' me. She de on'y one what know what dey look like, an I can't be readin' no words fo' de likeness."

Roy shakes his head. "Have her draw ya a picture, speak in detail, but I'll be damned that now she's turned herself in, she keep runnin'. Find em. I'd think it's a sore shame to have this fine lookin' gal die. You find them and she can cook, warm your bed, but ever she does fer ya. But she stays here and the Sheriff'll make damned sure nothin' happens until you get back. I give ya a week and that's the most I kin do. Get on and court's adjourned for one week."

Chiane instinctively steps closer to Moses. Her gaze studies him intently, waiting to see what he will say.

Roland sets his jaw, and looks over at the pair, "I'm sorry to do it… Miss Chiane. You got to stay here startin tonight."

looking at Chiane for a moment, he looks at Roland and grunts. "Be needin muh gear Sheriff." That said he looks back to the Judge and grunts. "I be willin' be puttin up muh ranch an muh-se'f instead Mistuh Judge. She get away, Der ranch gets sold an I go in her place."

Roland blinks in surprise and looks over the Judge.

Chiane is also surprised. In fact her jaw drops open slightly. "Moses.." She whispers his name, a look of conflict on her face.

You say, "Don't make me throw you in jail, too, sir. Just go and find someone ta get her neck out'the noose. Be a crime against humanity, so don't make me do it. She'll be fine here." He turns to Chiane, "Give him a detailed information, ma'am. Let him handle it, because I've a feelin' he's got more invested in this then he's even aware. Let's see how he does."

Roland glances between Moses, and Chiane, but doesn't say anything.

Conleth enters the jail from Lower Main.
Conleth has arrived.

Looking at Chiane again he sighs and speaks softly. "Be needin' dat description den Chiane. me an' der boys, we be findin' 'em. Jus' think of it as you not haffin to do der cookin fo' a few days."

Roland looks over at Conleth comes inside, "Stand back.. Stay quiet.. Court's in session…" He squints over at the man a moment before looking back to Moses, and Chiane."

Roy mutters, "I'm thinkin' we don't need the last rites said, padre. Sheriff, make sure the cell door's locked, a'right?"

Roland looks over to Roy, and nods once, "Yessir."

Conleth raise a faint brow, "Interestin words. Court. What proof is there of the charges ?" He looks over toward Chiane way for a moment with a hint of surprise , for she seems a bit different then he expected. He smiles then his expression grows decidely more serious, awaiting a reply from the Sheriff.

Roy looks at Moses and shoos him out, "Time's bein' wasted, sir. Tick tock tick tock." He turns towards the priest and narrows his eyes, "Don't make me slap you with a contempt charge, padre for waltzin' inta my court and tryin' to throw yer weight around when you don't know jack shit about what's goin' on here. Just a suggestion a'course to be circumspect in yer speakin'. Otherwise, ya'll have a good evenin' and Sheriff, you best be careful who you let inta the jail from here on out."

Chiane swallows a bit. The negress is pale. For a brown-skinned person. She gives rather detailed descriptions including tattoos, scars, color of hair and whatever else she can think of. Oh and she mentions the golden tooth that belongs to Jack. "I would rather be cookin'.." She murmurs to Moses. She steps back as she is ushered towards the cell.

Roland winces, 'Sorry yer Honor.. Won't happen again."

Roland moves toward cell one, and nods over, to Chiane.

Waiting for his gear, Moses finally heads for the door. Once outside, he's joined by Samson and Fitzy. The Professors comes up the street with the horses and without a word the 4 of them head out of town at a trot.

Roy settles his hat on his head, "I'm powerful sorry, ma'am. But here's hopin' yer fella can pull out yer miracle. I'll be round town till this is over one way'er another."


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