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Summary: In the Badlands

Date: May 13, 1881


A Badlands Cave

Thomas brings his pistol and he cocks the hammer back "Come on, make my day so i can let air out of you. " He smirks, as he guy falls with a gut shot.

Edward moves over and checks the boddies, seeing if any survived and the ones that are he promptly ties up to the base of a tree. He sighs and leans against a tree of his own as he rustles around in his pocket for something.

Coming down from the hill, Fitzy makes his way straight towards the cave as he calls ahead. "Comin' in you shoot me and I'll haunt yer hide Professor." Inside the cave was dark. a Person would have to let their eyes adjust for a good minute before being able to fight with any effectiveness in the confines. The large hulk of Moses sat propped against a rock, his 2 wards tied up back to back lined up so if it came to it, Moses could kill them both with one shot of his rifle. The professor was sitting on a ledge near the entrance, a boulder providing cover for him, while Samson slept.

Thomas nudges bullet over to where moses was and the others and he leans against the saddle horn as he looks to Moses for a moment, not saying a word.

Looking up at Thomas, Moses grunts. there was a bloody bandage around his mid section, and he had an ashen tone to his skin, but his eyes were bright and hard. "Be He'pin you mistuh?"

Thomas shakes his head "No, I'm fine, not the one sitting there with a belly full of lead. You going to be alright riding tomorrow?" This young pup talking to moses was a bounty hunter, and yet after people saw his shooting, could see why he didn't seem to have a scar one.

Still looking up at the man, Moses grunts and shakes his head. "Won't be ridin' tomorrow, pup. an' it ain't a gunshot. it be a knife." It was clear to see that Moses was a Veteran of several battles. Body marred with various scars, knuckles calloused and repeatedly broken and wearing a faded old Cavalry uniform, Despite the fact that he looked half dead, There was Iron in him that said Moses would be hard to remove from the world, even now. "Light 'an set Boy. you be in muh line of fire."

Thomas rises to get his saddle bag and he slings it over his shoulder and walks back and sits down and tosses the saddle bag to the ground. He'd make a bedroll some point in the night, if he slept at all. "So how long were you in the war?" Motions to his uniform.

Dozing slightly, though the rifle barrel never wavers from his Prisoners, Moses grunts. "Joined me up when Lincoln started de war to free us slaves. Stayed as a Ho'suh So'dier up to 5 year back. Long time. lots o' killin'. How long you been ridin' headlong at defended positions full of angry Strangers?"

Thomas keeps an eye on the prisoners easy. They crossed him they might not live to see daylight. He gives a shrug as he listens and goes to answer "Since I was bout fourteen, My father taught me to use a gun when I was young, and wouldn't take less than a bullseye. took alot of days of doing nothing but practicing, I was a deputy at fourteen."

Watching him for a moment, Moses nods once more before dozing off for a minute. Just when it looks like he's out for the night, he speaks aggain without opening his eyes. "An now you be a bounty man."

Thomas nods his head "you can say that, though I wouldn't mind putting on the badge again." He pokes the fire and adds another few sticks to it.

Nodding again, Moses Grunts softly. "Youse should be Talkin to Roland den. he be needin a decent dep'ty"

Thomas nods "He knows I want to , think he wants to see how I handle myself and in a situation like this."

At this point Fitzy pipes up. "Yeah, 'cause apparently we're amateurs there Sarge. That Sherif you swears by seems to think we needs us someone to do der thinkin for us…Like we be a bunch of idjits." Opening his eyes once more, Moses looks over at Fitzy for a moment then to Thomas. "In der morning. Youse an der Blacksmith be ridin along wit' Samson and der Professor. Be takin' Red an his pard back to Town an' to der Judge."

Cool and large, the caverns offer cover for the Bandits and other mauraders who have had the courage to band together for numbers sake. Light from several torches throws the shadows into tall relief against the walls, as well as blackening the roof of the cave.

Several chests are lined up against the side of another off shoot of the cavern. Bedding is rolled up and stored away. A map of the area is drawn on the cave wall.

Upon the ground are several leather benches from, what looks to be, a stagecoach. Four oil lamps have been imbedded into the cave walls. Also, the railings from atop the coach now have become the framework for a self-styled 'living area' near the rear of the cave.

Thomas nods his head "That's the story I was told, so most likely so." He inhales as he reaches for the coffee pot to get himself some of that black gold and he pours some into a tin cup he digs out of the saddle bag. "It ain't a matter on being an igit or not its a matter of going home dead or alive."

Moses shrugs slightly as he speaks. "Don't be carin' one way or t'other. more important things den pride right now. Muh cook not swingin' fo' dat man's crimes bein' one of 'em. You boys got a long ride 'head of you. Get you some sleep." Looking up, he ads. "You too Fitzy. quit gripin' but what an't true nohow. Samson. you got first watch."

Thomas shakes his head "Not tired right now, i'll just sit here for a spell. Been a while since I slept beneath the stars, and listen to the sounds of the night."

Moses shrugs. "Up to you you want be ridin' tired. Samson just be wakin' up. Do as you like." As stalks off into the shadows, moses dozes off for the night finally.


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