Global Commands

Our game has several commands you may find useful and sometimes pertinent information enhance your gaming pleasure. If you're new to gaming, here is a page that may help you get started.

+size up
+ammo <number>
+check <stat or skill name>


+attack <target name> Has your character attack <target> with a wielded weapon.

+wield <weapon name> Has your character wield a specific weapon.

+unwield Has your character put away whatever weapon he/she is currently wielding.

+ammo Shows how much ammo you have and if you are wielded, it will also show how much your gun has.

+ammo <number> +ammo <number>' lets you drop <number> rounds, much as +pay does when you don't specify a player. When you pick up rounds, the number of rounds is added to your person.

+reload Loads a maximum of two rounds into the weapon you are currently wielding. (Some weapons only hold one round). It requires multiple +reload actions to completely reload most weapons. NOTE: During a combat round, one +reload action takes up your entire round. You cannot +reload and shoot in the same round.

+unload This will unload the gun of any ammo.

+ready Has your character ready a melee weapon to use as a thrown weapon. Or ready a firearm for use as a club. NOTE: Some weapons cannot be thrown, and some cannot be used as clubs.

+unready The reverse of +ready - turns the thrown weapon back into a melee weapon, or a pistol-butt back to a pistol.

+init Automatically rolls a person's agility score, minus the speed factor of whatever weapon they are currently wielding. A person with a pistol tends to move faster than a person with a bulky rifle or shotgun.

+size up A command used to view a person's apparent health and physical stature, as well as describe what weapon he/she is wielding.

places - Lists the places to sit in the room
luse – picks the language you want to use – Syntax=luse spanish

HORSE COMMANDS: (Self-explanatory)
+geton <horse's name>
+lead <horse's name>
+unlead <horse's name>
Type the exit's name you wish to go through to move.

+time - self explanatory

Basic PennMUSH Commands

@channel/list [<channel-prefix>]
@channel/what [<channel-prefix>]
@channel/on <channel>[=<player>]
@channel/off <channel>[=<player>]

The basic form of this command allows you to see the available
channels, and join or leave a channel. You do not need to type the
complete name of the channel, only as many letters as needed to make it distinct from other channels.

Wizards may add and remove other players from channels by providing a player name as a second argument.

Some channels may be restricted in who can join them and/or speak
on them. If the Extended Chat System is enabled, @channel/list will
show you the channel's name, number of users, number of message
since last restart, access information, and your status. See
"help channel-list" for an explanation of how to read the listing.
@channel/what will show you the channel's name, access information, and a description of the channel's purpose.

@channel/who <channel>
@channel/hide <channel> = <yes|no>
@channel/title <channel> = <string>

The @channel/who command shows you who is currently on a channel, if you are permitted to see it.

Some channels allow their users to hide from the @channel/who list.
If you're on such a channel and are permitted to hide, you can
use @channel/hide <channel>=yes to hide yourself, and
@channel/hide <channel>=no to reappear.

@channel/title lets you set a title to appear before your name
when you speak on the channel. If you leave the channel, your
title is cleared; use @channel/gag instead

@channel/mute <channel> = <yes|no>
@channel/gag <channel> = <yes|no>

Some channels broadcast messages when players connect or disconnect from the MUSH. If you're on such a channel and don't want to hear those messages, use @channel/mute <channel>=yes. To resume hearing the messages, use @channel/mute <channel>=no.

If you want to remain on a channel but not receive any messages
on the channel, use @channel/gag <channel>=yes. To resume hearing, use @channel/gag <channel>=no. If you disconnect, the channel will be automatically ungagged for you.

Page Locking

@lock/page=player and to unlock is @lock/page=!player

Let admin know if you're having a problem with a player, please.

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