Gideon Michael
Portrayed By Logan Marshall Green
Gender Male
Date of Birth March 29, 1852
Age 28
Aliases Gid
Place of Birth Berlin, Germany
Occupation Store Owner
Known Relatives Anna-Lena Gottlieb (Mother), Sergei Mikhail (Father)
Significant Other Nora Keenan Michael (wife)


  • Gideon was born into a long, but interrupted, line of German guards for the royal family. The reason for the interruption was that his mother was the German half, the fact that she was born a girl always brought grief to Gideon's grandfather, who hoped the line would go on. Gideon lived with his Russian father, Sergei, and his German mother, Anna-Lena, until he was the age of five, when they both died of tuberculosis within a month of each other. After the loss of his parents, he moved in with his mother's father, who then found hope in continuing the well-established line of royal guard. Gideon went to school like a normal child, becoming upper-class upon living with his grandfather, but after his lessons every day he would train with his grandfather, learning how to handle a firearm and use his own body as a weapon in a fight. More importantly, he learned discipline.
  • By the age of twenty he was already a member of the royal guard of Germany. Being trained in the art of death, he never really learned how to show compassion or make his own decisions, making him more of a tool than an actual person.
  • When he was 21 he came across a lovely, young, Irish woman named Nora. Nora was travelling across Europe to learn about the culture and the arts. Gideon met Nora at the Brandenburg Gate while she was enjoying the architecture of the colossal structure. They hit it off instantly and this led to a night of love, fun and friendship. The relationship was cut short by the fact that she had to return to Ireland.
  • At the age of 27, just as Gideon was becoming a first lieutenant, his grandfather died. His grandfather being the only other person he ever spoke to, other than his CO, he was at an utter loss for how to handle the situation. He decided that in order to function he would have to seek out the only person in the entire world that he ever actually connected with, Nora. Using what resources and contacts he'd made over his career as a guard, he learned that Nora was now living in the States with her brother Edward. It took him calling in several favors to be able to slip out of the country, and out of his military commitments, with little to no complications.
  • After several months of searching, he finally came to a small town, more of a trading post, in Kansas. He'd almost decided that his search was over when he saw the beautiful, regal figure of a young, blond haired, Irish woman standing on the other side of a crowd from him. He instantly started trudging through the group of people towards her, shoving some folks aside and disregarding the existence of everyone else except Nora Keenan. Her brother was, with good reason, suspicious of the man who had seemingly just swept his younger sister off of her feet. Gideon eventually convinced Edward to let him join the party. Travelling with Nora allowed their relationship to become even more solid. After spending so much time together, Nora and Gideon decided to wed as quickly as possible.
  • After being left by Nora without so much as a goodbye, Gideon turned to drinking and quickly became a fierce drunk, spending almost every waking moment intoxicated by sorrow and the demon drink.
  • After finally coming to terms with his loss, Gideon finally decided to overcome his addiction and was hired by Roman Webb to work as a bouncer at The Saguaro Rose.


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  • Code taught by his grandfather: "My body is nothing but a tool. My decisions are not my own. My actions are derived from the whims of those whom I am sworn to protect."


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