Fitzy (Noah)
Portrayed By Denzel Washington
Gender Male
Date of Birth Unknown
Age ??
Aliases Fitzy
Place of Birth Missouri, USA
Occupation Farm Hand, Mule Skinner
Known Relatives Jane Doe (Mother), John Doe (Father)
Partner or Spouse None


Noah was born 3rd generation slave in Missouri. His father was a slave hunter for his owner, and was afforded special privileges. One of which was being allowed to take Noah on as his Mule skinner at the age of 7. His duties included packing the mules, making the meals and taking care of camp while his father and master hunted for runaway slaves. By the time the war broke out, Fitzy was 18 and there was no one that could handle a Missouri pack mule better. Seeing an opportunity, Fitzy's father came to him one night and told his son to run, go on foot head north, find the Union army and stay there. Fitzy did as told. In the morning, his own father was set on his trail. Where Fitzy went north, his dad went south. Two days away from the Missouri Ranch, Fitzy's father turned on their master and killed the man. In the struggle though, he was killed as well. Fitzy would find out about this 2 years later. It took Fitzy three weeks of running and hiding to find the Union Army. Dragging himself into a Cavalry camp half starved and mostly dead, the first thing he said was. "If you be shootin slave owners, then you just sign me up!" after which he promptly passed out and slept for two days. When Fitzy awoke, he as given a meal, assigned a horse, rifle and uniform and placed in 3rd Company. This is where he Met Moses St. Cloud. On first impression, Noah considered Moses to be another bohunk nigger straight off the plantation. This would change over time as he saw how Moses could train any horse or dog he came across.

They became friends in Antietam when Moses dragged him into a ditch on the side of the road just as a cannonball whipped through the air, almost killing him. After the war, at the formation of the Black Cavalry (Buffalo Soldiers) units, Fitzy joined the same as Moses and stayed as close as possible to the large Master Sargent any time they left the Fort. When Moses left the Service, Fitzy followed, along with Samson and The Professor. In Chicago, the group took jobs in the slaughter houses, save for Moses who went back to bare knuckle fighting and bouncing in the rough bars in the evenings. After a misunderstanding involving the Mayor's daughter and Moses in Chicago, they all moved on to New York, falling into the same routine. As he watched Moses' health deteriorating, Fitzy finally began to urge Moses and his friends to head west. Having finally earned enough, the group pulled stakes and finally left to claim the plot of land Moses was awarded.


Fitzy is blunt, often to the point of being rude. While he won't go out of his way to slight anyone, his mouth often gets him in trouble. Couple this with a tendency to get over excited, and you have a source of exasperation and comedy for the outfit. If Fitzy feels he or the Rafter M crew have been slighted, he will fight to defend his honor. Barring that, he has been known to do brash things (usually small things like shave the mane and tail of the offender's horse or open the gate of the person's corral.) Though he will sometimes go too far. Having once shot a man's prize bull in retaliation to a slight to a prostitute he had taken a shine to, and in one extreme case. Lit a town ablaze with Samson's help as revenge for a failed lynching party coming after the mob.


Fitzy is a Mule skinner and Teamster without equal. Single Diamond, Double Diamond, Triple Diamond, Squaw Hitch, Shurpa's knot. He can throw them all in his sleep. His packs always ride and his pack animals never come up cinch sore. He is also a good shot with a rifle, can hold his own with a knife, and when it comes down to it, is an extremely dirty fighter in a fist fight if he needs to be.

Fitzy is also literate though not a scholar, and is a first rate survivalist specializing in River and swamp land Survival.


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