Elaine Ross
Portrayed By Actress
Gender Female
Date of Birth July 23, 1853
Age 28
Aliases eross
Place of Birth Blacksburg, Virgina, USA
Occupation Manager of The Willow Inn
Known Relatives June Allen (Mother), Edgar Allen (Father)
Partner or Spouse None
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Elaine Ross was born in the Shenandoah valley near Blacksburg, Virginia. She was born in 1854, on her Father's Ranch in the rich, black soil of the Valley. Her family raised horses and cattle, and ran a small inn on their land near the Washington Pike. When she was seven years old, her father joined up with Stonewall's brigade, and went off to war. This left her mother June and her older brother Victor and their slave Drusus to run both the Inn and the Farm. The young girl and Drusus ended up tending the inn while Victor and her mother tended to the horses. In 1864, her father George returned from the war, shy a leg, but otherwise hale, and took up the reins. Their farm managed to survive the war, being in a sheltered area, and they were quite prosperous, even keeping the loyalty of the now free Drusus. As the years went by, she began to see a little more of one of the neighborhood boys, Charles. He was working at the inn, tending bar and helping with the Farrier's duties. As these things go, the Rancher's daughter and the handsome hired hand fell in love, and soon got married. At about that time, Her father sickened, and soon passed away, victim of a piece of old shrapnel not removed from his War Wound.

Without her father's reputation, and his strong hand, the Northern Carpetbaggers soon began to circle the Ross Ranch. First, it was "loans" and "advances" proven against the father, and their Ranch was gone. Only the fact her father had deeded part of the inn to Drusus saved it from the creditor's gavel. Or those that claimed they were creditors. For another two years, Drusus and Charles ran the inn, quite successfully. Until a fateful night in 1879, when a crowd wearing white hoods and bearing torches burned the Inn to the ground. Drusus was hauled off and lynched, but the crowd left the Ross' to live, watching their home go up in flames.

Unable to deal with the sadness, and fearing for their lives, they took their savings, traveled to Independence, MO, and joined a wagon train west. They got into New Mexico, when an indian raid occured, and she lost her husband, and once again was the victim of a flaming arrow into their wagon. As the savages closed in on the remnants of the train, the distant bugles of cavalry were heard, and they were rescued in just the nick of time by the US Cavalry.

Having lost everything in the raid, she had to find a way to make a living, to recover enough money to return to Virginia, having lost the energy to travel west. Finding a position outside of camp, she took in laundry and cooked in town outside the post, gathering enough money to head back to Virginia. However, after a few months she got to know some of the soldiers and traders of the area, and began to think of the west as perhaps a place to make a new life. One of the Cavalry Officers in the fort found out that the Willow Inn here needed a new manager, and recommended her to the position. She's just arrived in Cimmaron, eager to take the reins of her new place.


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