Edward Solace Jr.
Edward Solace Jr.
Portrayed By Val Kilmer
Gender Male
Date of Birth May 02, 1854
Age 27
Aliases Alias
Place of Birth Fort Des Moines, Iowa Territory, USA
Occupation Blacksmith
Known Relatives Jane Doe (Mother), John Doe (Father)
Significant Other None
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Edward Solace Jr. was born on May 2nd 1854 in Fort Des Moines. The Iowa Territories were a nice enough place to grow up. The landscape was beautiful and the weather was about as diversified as it gets. His father, Edward Solace, and his mother, Josephine Solace, were not the perfect couple but they appeared to be in public. Until his fifth birthday life was great but then it was time to set upon the path of becoming a man. The beatings that once kept his mother in check were slowly but surely turned on him. The fear of father and God were beat into the boy on a daily basis. The only thing that gave that little boy any hope was the fact that he looked forward to a life outside of the closed little world that he was forced to believe in.

With all the soldiers coming in and out of the Territory, he was filled with stories of the outside world. Adventures in uncharted lands, wild Indians, crazy shootouts and animals that he could not imagine roaming the ranges of far away lands. He pressed on and learned what he could. With his father he was forced to learn to be a blacksmith. His father always used to teach him things in manners of faith and steel. “When a man picks up a hammer it becomes part of him, an extension of his own being. His arm becomes the object that will forge his own soul with every strike of the anvil. Creating that perfect object that will live on and make the world work as it should.” Is what his father once said. Though his father always was going on like that, half drunk as he said it. Every mistake came with another beating but in the end, he perfected his work. His break from that dark abyss was at home with his mother. She taught him to be a gentleman and a proper on at that.

Education was the biggest thing in his mothers mind though. He was to one day get away from all of this and she wanted him to know as much as possible. When he wasn’t learning and wasn’t with his father there was only one place left to be… with the soldiers. He befriended a soldier named Jack Huntington. Jack was like a second father to Edward and taught him a lot of useful skills. The first thing that Edward wanted to learn of course was how to use a gun. Jack would always tell him, “Maybe when your older kid.” Edward would shrug it off, but that would not stop him from asking everyday he saw him. He read books about tactics and strategy. Jack was everything that Edward was looking for in a father but Jack left for duty outside of Edward’s world. Depressed and alone he buried himself in everything he could. He advanced in blacksmithing, education and all the skills that Jack had taught him.

Age thirteen was one of the hardest years for Edward. His father was drunk one to many times and was gunned down in the street. His mother expressed how hard it was to everyone but she seemed to celebrate behind the scenes with her son. Even though his father was a bastard, Edward buried himself in being a blacksmith. Someone was going to have to take care of his mother since dad was gone. A year later things were looking up. People were coming to him for jobs from around the Territory and business was good. I brighter side to the year was Jack. He came back in from the road and it was like a warm family reunion. Another year passed and Edward was happy. Fall that year something happened that would change Edward’s life forever. Jack was shot in the middle of the street by an outlaw named Cole Jacobs. The wound was not fatal but that did not stop Edward. Edward traveled outside the fort and into the slum town nearby. He strapped on iron and went into town. He called out Jacobs and waited in the middle of the street for five hours waiting for the news to spread. Cole met him at four in the evening in the middle of the town. Fourteen years old and ready to kill. When they both pulled he fired a gun for the first time in his life. And wouldn’t you know? He was a natural. Cole dropped to the ground and Edward stood there shaking, not even noticing the blood running down his shirt. A bullet had grazed his arm and before he knew it he was waking up in a cell. The sheriff had hit him over the head and threw him in lockup. After weeks of deliberation he was released and was excused of all charges in the incident.

When he was sixteen he was out on the countryside spending time with his fiancé, Miriam, when they were jumped by a gang of brigands. Edward was forced to watch as his soon to be wife was raped and strung up in the old oak. He screamed and fought but to no avail. The leader of the group looked him in the eyes and spit in his face. He screamed about the death of his brother Cole and Edward knew this was it. But they did not kill him. Instead they tore off his shirt and four-post tied him to the ground on his stomach. The leader of the group, Bart Jacobs, took out his knife and sliced deep into Edward’s back. A big X shaped wound was left as his blood poured to the dry earth. Bart told him that if he lived they would know he was coming from the smell of his blood in the air. Edward was left there for three days and almost died. When he awoke from his deep slumber he was home with his mother and Jack.

A few months later when he could move around without pain and finished most of his mourning and packed his things up and went on to the road. Though it was against his mother’s wishes he left. He hit the road and became a bounty hunter. He spent the next five years trying to track down Bart and his gang, to make them pay for what they did to him and Miriam. One by one they fell by his hands. Some were dead and some were alive. Though it didn’t really matter to him, most of them were wanted anyways. He grew to have a nickname, one that was not associated with him whatsoever. X, they called him X. The back of his long coat was embroidered with a crude stitched x. He eventually found them all except for Bart. No matter how long he looked and how many rumors he heard he still couldn’t find him.

For the next six years he worked inside the law and eventually locked away the coat that once made him a killer. He never looked back to home. He kept going. Further and further away from home, running away from his past as fast as he can. He doesn’t know how to do much else anymore so he keeps going. In March of 1881, Edward Solace Jr. found something. He brought a murderer into a town in New Mexico and took him to the sheriff. Instead of taking the bounty he hops in the chance for a normal life. He bought the blacksmith shop and stopped running. For once in the past eleven years he slowed down to almost a complete stop and turned in the coat once and for all. Hopefully it never has to come back out…hopefully…


  • "I would not dare to speculate that a woman be absent minded for the repercussions of such an accusation would not do me well."


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