Dove Manifesto

One of the more popular positions on the game, (We say that with tongue firmly in cheek) is that of the soiled dove. The oldest profession goes by many names in the old west. Whores, doves, soiled doves, working girls, personal entertainers, painted ladies, ladies of the line, daughters of sin, fallen frails, sporting gals, nymphs du prairie, scarlet angels, fair belles, painted cats, ect. ect.

Players that take on the role of one of these ladies are expected to role play the business of sex. That usually includes role play we refer to as “TS” (Tiny Sex). For those that are uncomfortable with “TS” it is permissible to fade to black. We ask that a dove preferring to FTB put that in her OOC notes, and let the potential customer know that with a page.

Players that take on the role of these ladies are encouraged to RP outside the confines of the Cimarron Rose. There seems to be a tendency to keep them cooped up at the brothel, and wait for the game to come to them. This leads to a fairly bored player, which leads to disliking the character. That leads to an un-played character, the very last thing we want. So take them out to town to meet everyone, for better or worse. Make them more than just one dimensional, let them live outside the brothel as well as inside it.

We wish to remind players that this is a non-consent game. Doves were sometimes thought of as second class citizens and some people treated their animals better than they treated them. Bad things happening to doves are a possibility in RP. If you haven’t seen it, watch Unforgiven (1992. Clint Eastwood, Morgan Freeman, Gene Hackman)

The following are IC rules set down by the Madame of the Cimarron Rose. This is what she expects from her girls when they come to work for her.

1. All problems with girls, customers, or other matters are to be referred to the Madam. The Cimarron Rose takes care of its own messes.

2. All girls will work under a signed contract. All contracts will be for five years in duration.

3. The minimum standard fee for any girl will be $5. Payment beforehand. Half of this fee will go to the Madam for upkeep of the premises, and living expenses for the girls. Any payment over that amount for services rendered can be retained by the girl.

5. Girls may buy out of their contract by paying the worth of the years left on it.

6. All girls will be required to learn the use and care of firearms.

7. When in doubt refer to rule #1.

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