Desc Help

We have two flavors of desc help that players can use on the game. The first is found in +help +desc by Faraday -

The MUSH multi-descer allows you to create a wardrobe for your character, storing multiple descriptions to reflect mood shifts, changes of clothing, injuries, or whatever. You can mix-and-match the descriptions whenever you need them.

When using +desc to set your description, you may specify just one stored desc title, or a number of them separated by spaces. The title you specify will be tacked together and stored in your current description.

+desc - Views a list of all your stored descriptions.
+desc <list of desc titles> - Sets your current description.
+desc/create <title>=<desc> - Creates a new description.
+desc/view <title> - Views one of your stored descriptions.
+desc/save <title> - Saves your current description as "title".
+desc/delete <title> - Deletes a saved desc.
+desc/edit <title>=<text to find>/<text to replace> - Edits a saved desc.

The system will handle %r's and %t's if you put them into the commands. If you want to use ansi(), space(), or other special functions in your descriptions, you should store the descriptions manually by typing &desc_<title> me=<description>. Otherwise they might not show up right.

Your MUSH may have pre-made descs for military uniforms and the like. You can view and set these as normal (though they will show up in a separate section).

See +desc/example for an example desc.

Multi-Desc System

Here is an example of how the system can be used, given some pretty simplistic descs and a sample character Thomas.

To create a "wardrobe" for Thomas:
+desc/create base=Thomas is a tall man with brown hair and eyes.
+desc/create casual=Today Tom is dressed casually, in blue jeans and a T-shirt.
+desc/create suit=Tom is wearing a blue pin-stripe suit, with a tacky yellow tie.
+desc/create ring=On the ring finger of Tom's left hand is a wedding ring.

To set up Tom's description so he's wearing his suit and wedding ring:
+desc base suit ring

To set up his description so he's wearing his casual clothes, but not his ring:
+desc base casual

The second is a bit of code I found many years ago that fits my tastes:

The gist of the script is:
&reddress me=$red:@desc me=%r

(You don't have to name all of your descs reddress since it will overwrite your previous one. &bluedress me=$blue:@desc me=%r, etc)

The reddress indicates what the desc is. The $red is how you access the desc. So, say your desc is &reddress me=$red:@desc me=%r%tMaybelle is wearing a dress of the finest red silk, etc etc.

Once the full desc is created, and you hit enter, setting it on your character, then you simply type red and when you l me (look me) you'll see that desc.

You need to set yourself @set me=!no_command for this to work.

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