Damien Calliope
Damien Calliope
Portrayed By Chris Klein
Gender Male
Age 25
Place of Birth Unknown. Somewhere in the Northeast.
Occupation Swindler


  • Damien is the son of a rape. His mother Calista was taken advantage of by an Apache when they raided the small settlement that she was moving through. Calista's husband Dimitri left her after he found that she was pregnant with the spawn of a savage.
  • Damien had a fairly uneventful childhood, his mother being the daughter of a wealthy family had enough money to hire a governess to teach the him etiquette and to try and rid him of the savage blood that ran through his veins.
  • Despite his mother's attempts to naturalize him, Damien always had a temper, but knew well enough to hide it from those who could punish him for it, leading to his ability to hide his intentions.
  • After his mother died of tuberculosis, Damien took the inheritence and moved South, to New Mexico, recognizing the still untamed lands as a place where he could have free reign and probably outwit anybody who thought to tell him otherwise.
  • Damien got his first taste of crime in Armadillo, where he shot and killed a Marshall who was trying to stop his advances on a young woman of ill-repute.
  • Damien has always had a personality that invites ruthless minds. His cruel actions paired with kind words often throw off those who would like to declare themselves sane, but for those so inclined to dabble in criminal acts, they often are envious of his control over people and would like to learn from him as best they can.


The man standing before you is a very statuesque 6 foot 1 inch, with a lean, yet toned build. His skin is deeply tanned, naturally so, along with his dark hair and eyes. His features are mildly deep set, making him handsome, even if not classically so. His clothing suggests that he’s had success in life. He wears a very cleanly cut three piece suit. He wears no tie, leaving his red shirt unbuttoned to a button just above his black vest. When he speaks, it’s with a very smokey, low voice.



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