CJ Jackson
Portrayed By Alan Jackson
Gender Male
Date of Birth January 31th, 1859
Age 21
Aliases CJ/jack
Place of Birth Savannah Georgia, USA
Occupation Carpenter
Known Relatives
Significant Other None
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Born on a cotton plantation that despite the ruins after the civil war, the plantation still managed to least some what of a living with the few niggras that stayed on as free men and women. And born among the ruins of a life that once was, was Christian James Jackson, coming into the world hollaring on January 31st, that his nursemaid said had a hellish set of lungs on him.

Though lacking in the finer tune of proper english, CJ speaks with the Deep backwoods southern draw in his accent . But he makes up for it with his hands. A natural born carpenter folks in Savannah claim, but he was a carpenter by trade depite what his parents had hoped for their only son.

Isn't anything he can't make , be a wagon, a rocking horse, furniture galore and right down to houses and buildings and well this is how he made his living and brought him well across the lands from Georgia to New Mexico. Though he was weary of traveling place to place, he was ready to call some where home..

Though like any good citizen, he knew how to handle a pistol, had to if he wanted to keep the hair on his head or keep himself from pushing up daisies in some lonesome field.

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