Chiane Thompson
Portrayed By Gina Torres
Gender Female
Date of Birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Aliases Chi
Place of Birth Georgia, USA
Occupation Housekeeper/Cook, Rafter M Farm
Known Relatives Sarah Thompson (Mother), Jebidiah Mawson (Father)
Significant Other None
Table of Contents


Chiane sits on the other side of the table, her eyes burning underneath the rim of the large floppy hat. "Well.. let's see.. I was born back before the war, born on a plantation in Georgia. My master grew both cotton and tobacco, depending on whichever he felt would be most profitable. His name? Jebediah Mawson. He was rich, spoiled, and cruel to the slaves. His wife and daughters weren't much better." She brings the mug of beer to her lips, drinking heartily from it's contents. "My mother is Sarah Thompson, my father…" Her voice trails off. "Well.. we all know my father was Jebediah for me to come out so light skinned when my claiming father was near the color of night. Though Mawson downright denies me as his child. MY adopted father was Lewis Thompson. He claimed me as his own. I was not treated evily by my parents… except for the one who had forced himself onto my mother. Every day he looked to me he saw me as a reminder of his dreadful actions. I was treated particularly cruel." There is silence as she ponders her next words. "I bare many scars upon my back from the lashings given to me for any excuse. There is one incident in particular that comes to mind.. nearly killed me… I broke his wife's favorite teacup simply because I was clumsy.. I was told I was from the devil, I would burn in hell and was beaten to the slightest inch of my life." She sighs. "But alas.. this was the life of a slave."

I grew older and began to mature. The master began to have eyes for me. My mother took note before even I did. Convinced he would harm me furthur or possibly kill me in one of his rages, mother took a great risk. One night as I lay sleeping, she woke me from my bed. "Come child.. let us go.." Those were her words. In her arms was a bundle of clothing and food she had stolen from the master's home. She whisked me off onto the infamous underground railroad. We tried to run on our own, hiding during the day and travelling at night. We bled, wept, and fled together. Until one fateful day… Three white men found us just as the sun had set below the horizon. Well, they found my mother. I hid as she had instructed. I will not go into the details of what I witnessed those men do to my mother. Whatever it is you are thinking, you are most likely correct. The men left her naked, bleeding and dying on the side of the road. When I knew for sure that they were gone is when I re-emerged. I held her in my arms as she died that day. I remember her words, "Any dream worth having, is a dream worth dying for. Never give up. Never stop dreaming." …. She was a wise woman.

I managed to find my freedom, but really.. there is no freedom except for the white male. I could find no home, no food, no work. I was nothing more than a straggeler orphan nigger child to all these people. However one woman took pity on me. Her name was Madame Rosaleene. It just so happens she was the Madame of a whore house. She took me in, gave me a room, gave me food and then a job. I was the maid of the house. The girls actually took to me, loving to make my hair prettied up and fix me up in pretty make-up. I was actually happy there. But.. after a few years, I began to grow into a woman. Men of the town took notice of me and offered money for nights of pleasure with me. It came down to it that I would either have to whore, or leave. Having nowhere to go, no money of my own since my work cleaning the house was just sufficient for room and board, I chose to stay. At the age of fifteen, I conceived my first child. I tried to hide it, but nature will do as nature does. My belly soon grew to show that I was with child. There was then no option but to turn me out. Heavy with child and no place to go, I was once more a vagabond. I gave birth to my child, Elizabeth Rose on a dark night while hiding in a loft of a barn. She was simply beautiful. Light brown skin to appear almost as a tanned white. Her hair was soft and raven. Her eyes were soulful, expressive. However, it was not meant to be. The babe was born too early and was born too small. She soon grew fever and perished.

Not long after my ordeal, I had determined that I would never whore again. I shed my beautiful dresses and stole a set of men's clothing off a washline. Luck began to favor me and I was able to do oddjobs here and there for money, just enough to get me from one town to the next without going hungry or naked. I finally made my way to one town where I thought I would be able to settle down for a while. However, being human and desperate for a place to be welcome and accepted, I found myself mixed with the wrong people. These people called themselves the Scarlet Mercs. They would preach about the injustices of society and how it needed to be taught a lesson. I fell into their words and became a loyal member of their group. However, they were not loyal to me. One night I was asked to meet one of the members by the Mercantile. When I showed up, I noticed the door to the mercantile was kicked open and items were strewn across the floor. Upon entrance to the scene, I found the shopkeeper dead and his cashier emptied. I have never been able to hurt anyone except in self defense or the defense of others. This man was an older man who was supporting a family. He was a hard worker and mainly kept to himself. Naturally, I went to check on him, turning him over and checking for his pulse. He was dead. I also had his blood on me.. Suddenly afraid, I went to run out of the store and right into the arms of the lone Sheriff. He tried to question me and peered to the mercantile. He noticed the blood on me and suddenly grew suspicious. I had no choice, I had to hit him. I hit the Sheriff so hard I knocked him unconscious. However, he believes me the murderer of the man in the store. I am now wanted on counts of murder, theft, and assault. Wonderful isn't it?


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