Carolina Angelica de la Vega
Portrayed By Marlene Favela
Gender Female
Date of Birth May 11, 1861
Age 20
Aliases lina
Place of Birth Oaxaca, Mexico
Occupation Rancher - Circle C Ranch
Known Relatives Amalia Benitez Castillo (Mother), Norte' de la Vega (Father)
Partner or Spouse None


Carolina Angelica de la Vega was the seventh of seven, the third daughter and the one destined for the convent. From birth Norte' and Amalia de la Vega had made certain little Carolina was prepared to serve God in her way. At the age of sixteen, Carolina joined the novitiate in Oaxaca where she showed a penitent heart and an eagerness to learn the purity of service. She was a tender-hearted child of regal heritage, her bearing quietly honorable. Once she accepted her vows of chastity, she took the name of Sister Rosalina, cutting her knee-length hair which was her only vanity.

The age of eighteen proved a turning point in her life when she was sent northward in order to aid Father Winston in proselytizing to the Hinonoeino tribe, a peaceful people who refused the fight with Americans. Unfortunately, their strategy of making treaties with the invaders rather than fighting them did not bring them to any better end. The increasing influx of settlers into areas promised to the Arapaho by treaty forced them away from their traditional lands, disrupted the buffalo routes, and ultimately split the Arapaho tribe in half. Twenty years earlier this same tribe was nearly eradicated by Colonel Chivington in the Sand Creek Massacre, whose men killed more than 150 men, women and children.

Sister Rosalina fulfilled her calling humbly and without fanfare, while serving the mission admirably. The day was October 17, 1879 and she had gone to help several of the women to sew a shroud for one of the tribal women who had passed suddenly. While enroute, she was beset upon by a rogue group of Pawnee who, at the end, left her for dead in the buttes at the base of Sangre de Cristo (Blood of Christ) Mountain range. A trapper discovered her beaten and abused body and took her to the Indian women with whom she spent most of her time. Both the doctor and the medicine man gave her little in the way of hope to recover from her wounds, both physically and emotionally. For weeks she spent moving in and out of reality. Father Winston had given her last rites several times, believing those to be the final moments of her life only to have her rally. When she awoke, her mind was a clean slate, only recalling her name as being Carolina de la Vega of Oaxaca, Mexico, the seventh of seven children, having no recall of a nun named Sister Rosalina.

For reasons known only to God, she ended up in Cimarron, claiming that while she was in her coma, an angel came to tell her this is where her future would unfold. Even after being carefully told of her existing religious order, the faith she placed in God and how she succored those in her care, her intellection of that life seemed forever expunged from her.

During her time recovering at the Escuela del Corazn Sagrado Carolina's recall of tending horses and raising livestock from her family's ranch in Oaxaca had replaced that of serving God, and the impetus which brought her to this town sought her to purchase a small horse ranch north of Cimarron from the funds the church gave her, which she named the Circle C Ranch.

After several months of simply existing, she was asked to come to the Diamond D Ranch as their horse breeder, tending to the famed livestock and ultimately selling the horse ranch to Joe Roland, the owner. Her injuries left her mind an innocent vessel, and there are certain moments at the end of the day when her body betrays her, forcing her to search for somewhere to lay her head before having to be carried there. She hopes to someday regain the strength of body and mind she was told she possessed before the incident.

Lina's Song

Lonestar's, Let me Love You

I dont wanna break this moment,
I dont wanna twist our fate,
I dont wanna simplify or complicate,
I dont wanna go down easy,
somethin bout you makes me high,
a little angel tells me dont let this one fly,
dont be shy, testify.

Let me love you from this moment,
let me dare to dream that far,
let me fall, let me rise, let me dance in your eyes and show you who you are,
let me wrap myself around your secrets,
till the stars burn into blue,
let me kiss let me touch, close your eyes and just let me love you.

Girl I wanna be the reason
I wanna be your alibi.
I wanna be the one that holds you when you cry
I wanna see the place inside you where no one else has ever been
I wanna know all your fears and all your sins so let me in,
let me love you from this moment,
let me dare to dream that far,
let me fall, let me rise, let me dance in your eyes and show you who you are…


Sheriff Joe Roland - Owner of the Diamond D Ranch. Carolina has known him for many months, but its been only recently that she's come to understand him since coming to work at the Diamond D.
Edward Solace Jr. - Blacksmith. Carolina has come to consider him a friend.
Roman Webb - Manager Saguaro Rose. He is a kind man who is trying to make the Saguaro Rose Saloon a far more friendly place.
Father Conleth O'Patrick - Carolina recently met the good father and she is fearful of his righteousness and his desire to see her return to the Catholic fold.



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