Doctor Nathaniel Cameron
Portrayed By James Scott
Gender Male
Date of Birth July 24, 1857
Age 24
Aliases nate
Place of Birth Bath, England
Occupation Doctor
Known Relatives Lady Emmaline Chevrington Cameron (Mother), Lord Perceival Cameron - Deceased (Father)
Partner or Spouse Victoria Simmison, Deceased
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Nathaniel is the son of Lord and Lady Cameron of Bath, England, their only child. He was raised with all the trappings and propriety a young lordling would ever need or want; the best schools, the finest nannies and tutors one could hire. But it never seemed enough for the young man. When he reached sixteen, he announced to his mother he would be attending the American medical school at the famed Harvard University. His mother wept that he was leaving for America, his grandparents rejoiced.

He didn't live a life of debauchery exactly, but he could be reckless and hedonistic at times, drinking till all hours, poker games and line after line of women seen entering and leaving his room at random moments. His family was simply happy that he focused on something other than wine and women.

Once at University, that was when young Nate grew into the man he was to become, living a life of sobriety and directness, now having found somewhere to challenge his mind. In the midst of his curricula, Nathaniel fell in love with a winsome lass by the name Victoria Simmison, who came from a long lineage of well-monied stock, but what drew them together was her desire to become a doctor, much against her parents wishes. They married in a regal affair with much pomp and ceremony, his own family making the voyage from England. Sadly, after only eighteen months together, she contracted small pox and was dead within days.

Nathaniel was a month away from graduation and was so overcome by grief that he set out alone, taking trains and on horseback, treating and performing surgery to those who needed it along the way. For the time being, he's found himself in Cimarron, New Mexico where he hopes the dryness and the heat will bake the sorrow and remorse out of him and where he can find a reason to live again.


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