Caitriona Maclachlan McClarty
Portrayed By Kate Winslet
Gender Female
Date of Birth August 12, 1863
Age 18
Aliases cait
Place of Birth Dublin, Ireland
Occupation Widow/Grist Mill Owner
Known Relatives Jemma (Mother), Murray Maclachlan - Deceased (Father)
Spouse Caidian McClarty
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Cait was born in August, 1863, just as her parents were leaving the country bound for America. By the grace of God, she was able to claim Ireland as her place of birth. However, she nearly died on the way over. Her mother, Jemma contracted milk fever and Cait was nursed by several women until her mother was able to recover. They landed at Ellis Island, were processed through and lived for a time in the Irish slums in New York until her father, Murray read of land being given away in the mid-section of the United States. Cait was seven.

They then took possession of an abandoned grist mill along the serene banks of Missouri where Cait was raised in a contented and happy home, the only daughter of Jemma and Murray. Her formative years were spent uneventfully. Her father became the mayor of their small community in the upstate Missouri town, mother who led the women's suffrage fight for equality. When she was fifteen, along came Breanainn McCullen, a strapping lad of eighteen, who from the start saw her fiery hair, her uptilited chin and the blaze of life in her emerald eyes and the poor boy was lost. It took him a year to woo her, treating her with a tempered passion unseen in one his age. At sixteen, she took his name and they lived an impassioned and tumultuous life together. Breanainn took over the mill from her father who contracted small pox which left him a shell of the man who he was before. Jemma too withdrew from societal responsibilities to care for her beloved and when Murray drew his final breath, his bride followed soon after.

Caitriona was devastated at losing her parents in such quick succession. Thankfully, Breanainn was there to aid her through the worst of it. Six months into their marriage, Cait was with child, thankful to be bringing a life into the world after so much death. But happiness is fleeting and within two weeks of discovering she carried her own love's child, they were stricken with measles, taking both Breanainn and her babe from her and leaving Cait in a fever for the greater part of weeks until the horror of her loss had thankfully abated.

Eight months later, she sold the gristmill to a family friend and accompanied a school friend to California, where Caroline, her friend was attending nursing school. The train stopped in Cimarron, New Mexico on its return to Missouri and her vision was captured by the idyllic setting a grist mill set along the banks of a bubbling stream, so like her old life that she rushed from the train to discover if it was for sale. It was and she purchased it with the monies received from the former mill. She has now set up shop and her home within the wheeled house, finding succor and solace in the sounds of motion reverberating from the slow wheel which seems to count out each day of her life.

After a while, she met the love of her life, Caidian McClarty, the Undertaker in Cimarron who swept her up in a wave of emotional passion. They were married soon after, both remaining idyllically in love and expecting their first child.


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