Brigite In Chinon

An excerpt from Brigite in Chinon

"We used to be numerous, Mademoiselle Brigite, before they obtained Le Chat". Brigite looked from one to the other before settling on the one named Minuete who appeared to be the leader of their small band.

"Can you not simply stay out of the Cat's way? Most of their kind runs on a schedule, do they not? Up at seven, grooms, eats and then sleeps for the rest of the day, stretches, grooms, eats and the goes to sleep," Brigite's voice is filled with amusement at the utter laziness of most house cats.


"Mais non, mademoiselle!" Minuete fearfully replies. "This one is sneaky. He lays in wait for us. He knows the precise place we leave our nest."

"Then change the place from wence you leave, Miss Minuete!" Brigite's response seems quite logical, to her at least.

"Main non! We cannot! We have used that spot for generations! We cannot change history nor the future!" Minuete's shock at being asked to change their course for the sake of keeping themselves alive was almost comical to Brigite.


"Miss Minuete! If you are not willing to change, then your family will continue to diminish! Here is what you must do." Brigite began to speak in a voice willing to brook no argument. "We must find a bell to hang around the cat's neck, that way you will always know where the beast it. Secondly, you must find a new way in and out of your nest. Yes, yes, I know you have been doing it thusly for generations, but for your safety and security, things must change. There is a famous saying, Miss Minuete that life is change. Begin a new way of live to save your nest-mates, oui?"

Minuete nodded reluctantly, because it is always with great reluctance change is undergone. "Oui, Mademoiselle Brigite."

"Now, first, you must find a bell and while the lazy cat sleeps, we will carefully tie the bell around his neck. When he awakens, then you will always hear his approach. Secondly, we will scout around and discover a new entrance for your nest and if we cannot find one easily, then we shall create it." Brigite looked from one to the other to make certain they were all agreed.

"But Mademoiselle Brigite! It could take many days to accomplish such a feat!"

"Miss Minuete, change is not wrought over night," Brigite offered sagely, "It takes time to alter generations of habits, whether good or bad, non?"

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