Aiyana Elise Chouteau
Portrayed By Rochelle Aytes
Gender Female
Date of Birth June 13, 1857
Age 24
Aliases ana
Place of Birth St. Louis, Missouri, USA
Occupation Jeweler
Known Relatives Pirouette Carmichael (Mother), Enyeto Chouteau (Father)
Significant Other None
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Aiyana Elise Chouteau was born June 13, 1857 near St. Louis, Missouri. She is the great-granddaughter of the famous trapper Auguste Chouteau who took Adoette of the Kickapoo tribe in upper Missouri as his mistress. Their child, Enyeto Chouteau fell in love with a former slave named Pirouette Carmichael and their child was Aiyana. She is the third child of three, Etu, and Lonato Chouteau, the only female. Her skin is fairer than most mulattos, and during her time in Gillis Center School for Girls in Kansas City, Missouri, she passed for a fair skin for a greater part of her time, the Chouteau name opening many doors regardless of her heritage.

Etu and Lonato married two very wealthy sisters and took over the family business, that of procuring unfinished stones from those miners around the country to render them into near-priceless works of art; Rings, necklaces, earrings, broaches and other baubles. In their own right were they masters of their craft, sending their product as far as Europe in many cases.

Aiyana was an inquisitive child, enjoying reading, needlework, cooking, tatting and other noteworthy accomplishments a woman of her standing learned during her early school life. Upon her return, she came to work at her brothers' company at the age of 16. She had an expert eye for stone placement, her sketch work in creating the settings above reproach. Several of her works grace the bosom of the Queen of England, herself.

She has a gentle nature, is gracious and accommodating, though there is a restlessness within her. She refused the proposals given, telling her brothers she would marry only for love, not convenience's sake. Hearing of silver strikes in New Mexico, her family allowed her to go towards the Southwest where she purchased a store front in the town of Cimarron.


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