Agatha Richards
Portrayed By Amy Adams
Gender Female
Date of Birth June 1st
Age 20
Aliases Aggie
Place of Birth ex: Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Occupation Photographer
Known Relatives Mary Jameston (Mother), Doyle Richards (Father)
Partner or Spouse None
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Agatha's background is a strange one for a young woman of her status. She was born to Doyle Richards and Mary Jameston. Mary, having fallen in love with young Doyle (not much more than a tinker and inventor) she married below her station, much to the dismay of Mary's family. Regardless, they managed to live well and have one single daughter, Agatha. Unfortunately, Mary died in child birth, leaving Doyle to raise the girl on his own.

Agatha was a healthy young girl (although extremely far sighted) who found far more interest in books, mechanics, and machinery. Doyle, not knowing any better indulged his daughter in these un-lady like hobbies. The two would spend hours together taking things apart, seeing how they worked, then putting them right back together again. Not much time was spend socializing with other girls her age, making Agatha a bit of a shy, clumsy, wall flower. At the age of 15, Doyle introduced her to a new fad called photography and bought her her first camera. She took to it instantly and found herself quite the artist in the medium.
The two lived happily together until Agatha turned 16. Unfortunately that was when Doyle took a nasty spill down the stairs of their house. His leg was shattered and due to infection, he passed on after 3 months of wasting away in his bed. Agatha was heart broken at the loss of her Father. Doyle managed to think of a future for Agatha and contacted his wife's sister, Iris a few weeks before his death. After some groveling to the woman for stealing Mary away from their family, Doyle finally convinced Iris to take Agatha in if he died. She moved in shortly after her father's death and found that the Jameston side of the family were not very pleasant.

Agatha spent the next four years living in misery living with her Aunt Iris. Iris was a stiff, staunch woman with strict rules and no stomach for shy awkward girls like Agatha. When not being chastised about her improper up bringing and gawky looks, Agatha would lock herself up in her room with the likes of Shakespeare and Chaucer in an attempt to escape the verbal blows. She retreated further into her shyness and became even more clumsy knowing she was now closely watched by the relatives.

Soon, Iris declared Agatha a spinster at the ripe old age of 20. She decided to arrange a marriage between Agatha and Travis Biggins, a wealthy man from a prominent Bostonian family. Travis was boorish man who really had no taste for Agatha other than the money that came with her. And Agatha, thinking this as an escape from Iris' claws agreed to the marriage. Anything was better she felt. Once again, fate decided to toy with poor Agatha. Travis proved himself to be an extremely unpleasant man. He took great delight in ridiculing his bride to be in public, commenting on her lack of manners and breeding due to Doyle being her father.

Agatha couldn't stand it any more. On the night of their engagement party, Travis, having had too much to drink became especially nasty in front of family and friends. And in a fit of anger Agatha, in not so many words, told him where to shove it. Alas, her victory was short lived. As soon as Travis could drag her someplace private, Agatha was rewarded with several sharp blows to her back by his walking stick. She still carries the scars today. Agatha knew that if she stayed, surely she would be dead. That night she packed her bags, stole money from her Aunt's desk, and bought herself a train ticket west as far as it would take her. It took her as far as New Mexico. She worked odd jobs to try and get herself even further and found herself walking into Cimarron with some suitcases of books, old clothes, two dollars to her name, and her camera.

Now Agatha is trying to gather the pieces together and start a new life. Granted, this is the first time she has ever been on her own and the entire concept terrifies her. She constantly is looking over her shoulder in fear that Iris and Travis will be in pursuit of her. Hopefully they will cut their losses simply and leave her be.

Even though she seems like a little shy wilting flower, this Bostonian girl is tougher than she even realizes.


-Agatha is semi fluent in French.
-Agatha has a knack for fixing things. Its her form of needle point it seems and it relaxes her.
-Agatha is quite Near sighted and squints something terrible without her glasses.
-There is rumor about that Agatha is being courted by Roman Webb, the saloon manager.


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